September 1958

Families Leave Homes In Big Wellgate Blaze

Mobile LibraryFamilies were evacuated from their  homes when a big blaze broke out in Wellgate, Dundee, shortly before midnight last night. The premises of Restaurant Wilson, Ltd, 8, Wellgate, consisting of shop restaurant and bakery  were gutted.Flames were leaping 40 feet above the bake-house and at the height, Firemen had to wear breathing apparatus to enter the smoked filled buildings.

The fire brigade under Firemaster J..W. Gibson got control of the blaze with in an hour. The fire fighting was watched by a crowd of hundreds on the opposite side of the narrow Wellgate.

When the firemen arrived, flames had penetrated the roof of the bakery at the rear.  The blaze was attacked from both side of the building in Coupar's Alley and Bruce's Close. The roof of the bakery fell inn. From the Wellgate the charred interior of the shop and restaurant were visible, still full of smoke. Next to the restaurant is the confectioner's shop of Nelson Cream Ice Company, which was filled with smoke, but did not appear to have sustained other damage.

Other nearby  premises were opened and inspected for damage, which seemed to be confined to smoke.

Waiting Lists for Dundee Bank Loan

Mr James S.Tasker, manager of the head office in Dundee of the Clydesdale and North of Scotland Bank said last night that "quite lively interest had been shown" in the banks introduction of a personal loans scheme. He said the bank was making a "waiting list" of applicants. "By and large, most of the applicants have been from the professional classes, mainly requesting quick loans in the region of £200-£300. "However, the thing hasn't really come to life yet, and I expect there will be more applications before we begin the scheme on 15th September.

Dundee to Build 906 Houses at Craigie

A layout plan for 906 houses on Craigie estate, recently acquired by Dundee Corporation, was approved by the Housing Committee last night. The site is the north side of Arbroath Road east of the Arbroath Road-Kingsway roundabout and stretching east to Gotterstone.

The scheme comprises of 524 three bedroom apartments houses, 100 four apartment, 234 two apartment and 48 single room houses for old people. It is a mixture four-storey tenements and cottages.

Mr Robert Dron, City Architect, said he had asked the Town Clerk if they could get access to the ground in November, as he was anxious to get ahead with site preparation with a view to building early in the spring. He suggested a small shopping centre for the scheme.

Coloured Slides to Music

Nearly 150 people were at Dundee Photographic Society's meeting in the Dundee Art Galleries last night to see a demonstration of mixing colour pictures and music by Mr Leslie A. Guest, of Gevaert Ltd. The demonstration was entitled "High Fidelity in Sound and Colour". Colour photographs, all the work of Mr Guest, were shown on the screen to the accompaniment of  music from magnetic tape. The demonstration will be repeated again tonight at 7.30pm.

Mail Delayed: Dundee M.P To Ask For Speed-up

Dundee Chamber of Commerce have asked Mr George G. Thomson M.P to raise in the Commons again the difficulty in getting London mail delivered by first post in Dundee. The Chamber say they have in the past year made numerous requests to     Sir Brian Robertson and to the Postmaster General, Mr Ernest Marples, to alter the departure time of the mail train to seven o'clock which until12 months ago was its original departure time.

In the winter timetables the 7.45pm train from Kings Cross has been rescheduled to 7.30pm departure time. Time of arrival, however, has been extended to 5.30am from the previous time of 5.28am. Departure time on Friday remains the same at 7.45pm, but arrival time in Dundee has been altered to 5.51am, 23 minutes later then previously.

This will mean, say the Chamber, that the Dundee public and business houses will be fortunate if at any time they now  receive London mail on a Saturday.

Ice-cream at the Farm Fred

Ianetta's ice cream vans are a common enough site in Dundee. But you'd hardly expect to see one parked in a farm yard - with a civic dignitaries queueing up for a slider.

But that is exactly what happened this week at Muirfield Farm, near Perth.. The ice cream manufacturer from 308 Hawkhill, was invited along by the Scottish Milk Marketing Board. His van was a "stand" in an exhibition of dairy product put on as part of Scottish Week.

And he was very much" at home". For Fred makes his ice cream in such a way that it can be classed as a "pure dairy product".

He'll Not Move

Dundee fans can feel easy in their minds about the future of Alan Cousin. He is not to join Newcastle United.

Willie Thornton and his directors have turned down the offer, and any further offer will meet a similar fate. Dundee could do with the money, but they need the player more. The transfer fee could be used trying to fill the position without success and the club would be worse off then ever.

The officials know that the best way to make money is with a successful team, and they're out to get one. Dundee are lucky that the player does not want to leave…. Alan will not give up his studies at St Andrews University and he is very happy at Dens Park.

United Directors Had Unusual Scheme

Dundee United directors spent a lot of money in an effort to build a promotion team. They gave the players a week's special training at a fair cost to get them fighting fit for the opening of the season. There was every inducement to get results. But all Their work has been in vain, the results have been shocking. The directors now plan an unusual move to instil teamwork.

They hope to have every player, no matter where he lives, at Tannadice every Sunday for four hours' training and match-play practice. The difficulties which arose, however, have vetoed the plan.

But it shows how the United management are determined to get results.


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