September 1908

Financial Success of the Flower Show

FairDundee Horticultural Society's show, which closed on Saturday, was in every respect a great success. On Saturday afternoon and particularly in the evening, the tents were crowded by thousands of visitors. A squad of Seaforth Highlanders gave another display of military exercise. Rain fell in the forenoon and threatened several times subsequently and this had an effect on the attendance in the afternoon; but in the evening there must have been fully 10,000 people in the show-yard. At the close no formal ceremony was observed, the simple announcement being made that the taking on the gate on Saturday amounted to £429 15s 3d as against £356 16s  4d ib the closing day of last year, when, it may be remembered, a storm of wind and rain prevailed. For the three days the total was £727 5s being £76 7s 6d better than last year.

Mr Andrew Carnegie and Dundee - Declines Invitation

Mr Andrew Carnegie, LL.D, and Mrs Carnegie, having been cordially invited to take part in the ceremonies  attending the celebrations of the semi-jubilee of University College, Dundee, and the opening of two of the four district libraries generously gifted by Mr Carnegie to the citizens, the following letter was received by Lord Provost Longair in London on Thursday:-

Skibo Castle,
August 31st 1908

Dear Lord Provost,
I am very sorry that we cannot comply with any request you make, and especially with Dundee behind you, but really we must beg to be excused for making another appearance in Dundee, much as we have her interest at heart. I advise you to select a distinguished man who has not been with you before on such an interesting occasion as that of which you tell me.

Appreciating this honour implied by your kind invitation, and especially congratulating you upon the happy solution of the site difficulty through the public-spirited citizen, Sir William Ogilvy Dagleish, whom Dundee is fortunate to have as a citizen, and with best wishes for Dundee and its people.

I am, always
Very truly, yours,
Andrew Carnegie.

On receipt on this communication Lord Provost Longair sent the following telegram to Mr Carnegie:- Mr Carnegie's letter to me and citizens of Dundee a great disappointment and cause of deep regret. "I trust decision is not absolutely irrevocable" We feel sure that the public of Dundee will share the Lord Provost's earnest hope that Mr Carnegie may yet prevail upon to take part in the interesting proceedings that are being arranged for October.

Dundee and District Motor Gymkhana

In aid of the Dundee unemployed
To be held in
Baxter Park
By kind permission of the Lord Provost, Magistrates and Councillors.
Today (Saturday)
At 2.30pm.
Mr Johnstones band will play at the intervals
Admission 6d each person, 1s extra for enclosure.

Lochee West United Free Church

Grand Bazaar
To be held in
Church Hall, Lochee
On 1st, 2nd and 3rd October 1908.


Cabinetmaker (apprentice) wanted some time in the cabinet trade. Apply MacDonald and Muir, Nethergate, Dundee.

Bookbinding - wanted, a general finisher; one capable of putting a Small Capital into business, with the option of taking over the business entirely. Apply Stevenson, 19, High Street, Dundee.


Always in stock choice selection of pelisses, coats, hats, hoods, falls, robes, wool shawls, dresses, pinafores, bibs, boots and endless variety  of children's garments....


Cheapest Goods of their Kind in the City at
Underclothing and Babylinen Establishment
6, Crichton Street, Dundee.

Lecture Physical Eductaion

Mrs Slade-Hawkins (CERT)
Will lecture on the
"New System of Physical Education"
On Friday 18th September
At the Lamb's Hotel
Chair to be taken by Mrs Longair.