September 1906

The Tay Pleasure Steamer Fleet

Fish MarketPleasure sailing on the River Tay next season will be advance greatly, compared to the year just closing. Besides the two steamers which have been plying the river this season, the Pleasure Steamboat Company, it is definitely stated are to build a new paddle steamer for next year. These three boats however will not complete the fleet for negotiations are about to be opened for the placing of another vessel on the Tay. The fourth will not likely be a steamer but she wil be in every way adapted to the difficulties of the Tay. She will also have a speed of 14 knots.


Arithmetic lessons at all stages for youths and adults. Rapid methods for business and examinations. Smith, 3, Constitution Road, Dundee.

Grand Boxing Tournament

Grand Boxing Tournament - by the men of the Torpedo Flotilla, Ward Road Gymnasium. Today. Doors open at 6.30pm.

Glut In Fish

A week ago a record catch of 920 boxes of fish landed at Dundee Fish Market, but on Wednesday even that large consignment was exceeded by 44 boxes. 12 trawlers arrived at the port and between them put ashore 964 boxes. Of this quality 643 boxes of various kinds of fish were sold at good proces considering the quantity offered. Haddocks brought from 5s to 11s per box and small haddocks 2s to 5s per box. After every purchaser had been supplied there remained 321 boxes containing whiting and codlings, these were sold to Messrs McKay and Robbie at 6d per box to be disposed as manure.

New Gaiety

Twice Nightly..7pm & 9pm
Playing Monday first September 17,
The Andos
Acrobats, Jugglers and Wirewalkers.
Direct from the Tivoli, Copenhagen. Accompanied by Absolutely the Strongest variety ever seen in Dundee.

Spaces To Let At Christmas Fare

Grand Christmas and New Year's Carnival to be held in the Drill Hall, Bell Street, Dundee. Spaces to let for confectionary stall, tobacconist. Large room 29 by 19 for restaurant business. Apply to F.H Hobbs, Drill Hall, Dundee.

House for Rent

Annfield Road - 3-roomed house, newly papered and painted. Rent £11. Apply David Thomson, 8, Bank Street, Dundee.

Mr Whitelaw Reid - His Visit To Dundee

The Secretary of the Armitstead Trust has received a telegram from Mr Whitelaw Reid, the American Ambassador intimating that he will visit Dundee on Friday 2nd November to deliver a lecture under the auspices of the trust. The subject of his remarks is not yet fixed, but his lecture will prove a distinguished opening to the winter's course.

House Help

Girl (Strong, 15) for housework. Home at night. Apply between 7pm and 8pm on Monday night, Hunter, 32, Seagate, Dundee.

Music Studio

104, Nethergate, Dundee
Monday 17th September 11am til 4pm
Terms from Messrs Methven Simpson Ltd.