August 1981

Long Walk For Charity

Blackness LibraryA punishing schedule of 44 miles of walking every day for six days, lies ahead of four Dundee men as they attempt to walk to Manchester for charity. The four, all members of Tayside St Mungo Lodge of the Buffaloes, are trying to raise £1000 for the Arbroath Adult Training Centre. The walk's organiser Mr Patrick Allen, 129, Kingsway East, who suffers from a bone disease, will be travelling in a support car, to back up the walkers.Postcard Exhibition

This weekend see the start of a six-week exhibition of old postcards in the Central Museum and Art Gallery in Dundee.

It is organised jointly by the Postcard Clulb of Tayside and Dundee Museums.

Old Dundee, royalty, glamour, political and comic postcards will be on display and pride of place will go to one of the earliest official first day covers launched by the Austrian Post Office in 1869.

Most important part of the display will be the volume of postcards lent to the exhibition by the Queen. The exhibition will run from August 1 until September 12.

For Your Eyes Only

Odeon, Dundee Telephone 22804
Monday for six days
Retained for the third week
Doors open 1.20pm
Roger Moore as James Bond 007 is back in..
For Your Eyes Only (A).

Back To School

Boys shoes..leather uppers..from..£4.95
Leather trainers..were £9.99..for..£6.99
Girls shoes..leather uppers..from..£2.95
Leather schoolbags..from..£6.25
School satchels..from..£2.95
School bags..from..£
Canvas school satchels..from..£1.95
Viking bags with zip pockets widely used for school and sport..£3.25
For best value
BEHR's quality schoes and repairs
289 - 291 Hilltown and 121 Albert Street, Dundee also 158, High Street, Lochee.

New Intake

Schools in Dundee resumed on Monday, with almost 2000 children attending for the first time. There were 12 sets of twins in this years intake.

Andy Cameron Coming To The Caird Hall

Scotland's best known and funniest Rangers' supporter is coming to Dundee in September. Andy Cameron, stage comic and broadcaster, will round off the Whitehall's summer season by appearing for three "long weekends" - September 2nd to 5th, 9th to 12th and 16th to 19th, Wednesday to Saturday with two houses each Saturday.

Classes and Courses For Session 1981/82

Tayside Regional Council
Kingsway Technical College
Day Release Classes Session 1981/82.

Enrolment in these classes may be made at the College, Old Glamis Road, Dundee, during the period Monday to Friday, August 17th to 21st 1981, between 9am and 4pm dailty and 6pm and 8pm on Tuesday 18th August 1981.

A full range of courses are offered leading mainly to the examinations of the following bodies:-
City and Guilds of London Institute
Scottish Technical Education Council
Scottish Certificate of Education
Details concerning particular courses may be obtained from the college and additional courses may be considered if there is an indication of reasonable demand.

Students will be informed at the time of enrolment of the date on which their particular classes commence.

Bannon Stikes Fast

David Dodds was the only Dundee United player to score a hat-trick last season. He did it in the league game on January 31st and repeated the feat in the Scottish cup in March.

Eammon Bannon was quick to do the trick this season with three goals in the opening league cup tie at Ayr. The fans will be hoping it is the first of many hat-tricks for this season.

No-Bake Cake

8oz marshmallows
3 tbls orange juice
10 tbls evaporated milk
I large packet digestive biscuits
12oz sultanas
4oz mixed peel
4oz glaced cherries
4oz walnuts
½ teas cinnamon
½ teas nutmeg

Chop marshmallows and leave to stand in the orange juice and evaporated milk for 20 minutes. Crush biscuits, chop fruit and mix all ingredients together and stir well. Press firmly into a lined 9 inch cake tin. Cover in foil and leave for 2-3 days before turning out. Decorate with a few cherries and angelica. To make it special pour 2 tablespoons sherry in.
Mrs G,Matthew, Parkview Cottages, Blairgowrie.

The Imagination of Children
My friend's five year old daughter stopped in front of a fruit display, "Mummy" she inquired in a penetrating voice "Do geese lay gooseberries?"
Miss Mabel Mustard, Banffshire winds £1.