October 1934

Tay Ferries Timetable Upset

River TayThe gale on Monday made the River Tay alarmingly choppy and wrought havoc with the Tay Ferries timetable. The 8.30am steamer from Newport to Dundee was over half an hour late, and great difficulty was experienced in bringing her along side Craig Pier owing to the heavy seas.

So great was the strain when she was moored that two of the ropes snapped. The boat which followed was delayed as a result, and traffic bound for Fife side has a long wait.

As the forenoon progressed all semblance of a time-table was lost of sight, and towards noon the ferry steamers were following each other on the same crossing.

These Police Boxes

It is a symptom of public feeling that the first heckler's question to be asked in Dundee was with regard to the police box eyesores in the city. At Mr W.M. Ames's meeting on Thursday night - the first meeting of the election campaigns - a lady opened the questioning by pointing out that a police box had been erected in front of her window and practically kept the light out of her house. She was feeling very sore about it, and since this is one thing that you cannot complain about to the police the sense of injustice was all the more marked. Mr Ames attempted to throw oil on troubled waters by suggesting that once the boxes had been painted they wouldn't look so ugly. He even offered to pass round a picture postcard showing the completed model. But Mr Ames's picture postcard failed to soothe the angry woman, and she grumbled to the end.

Ta-Ta Tommy

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Armistice Day - the Bellman's Budget Page

A situation without precedent in civic and ministerial circles has arisen following the recommendation.

By Dundee Presbytery this week that church services in the city should commence at 10.45 am on Armistice Day, which falls on a Sunday this year. The ministers apparently think that the majority of people will prefer to observe the two minutes silence in their respective churches. No one will quarrel with that point of view. It will be interesting, however, to see how the attendance at the civic open-air service in the City Square fares with the churches "in".

Cheap Milk for Children

The proposal to supply Dundee school children with milk at half price was taken a step further on Tuesday when a sub committee of the Education committee recommended that the Government be asked to apply the milk distribution scheme for school children to Scotland at the earliest possible moment.

It was also agreed to ask the other Scottish city corporations and County Councils to make similar representations.

The Education committee is to be asked to express a willingness to adopt the scheme, now operating in England, to supply the children with one-third of a pint of milk in hygienic containers at a rate of HALF d per day.

Craigiebank Bus Route

Over one hundred people have signed a petition to Dundee Town Council asking for an extension of Craigiebank bus route to Strips of Craigie Road via Arbroath Road.

It is in the form of a letter addressed to the town clerk and will be placed before the transport committee on Monday.

The letter states that the petitioners are residents in the houses at Arbroath Road to the east of Strips of Craigie Road, and that to join the buses in the middle of Craigiebank housing site, as they at present run, means a long walk for all of them.

It would be quite a short additional length for the Craigiebank buses, in place of running down Craigie Avenue, to continue along Arbroath Road til they reached the top of Strips of Craigie Road, and then to turn back to Dundee either down Strips of Craigie Road or diagonally through Craigiebank housing site via Greendykes Road. The running of the buses to the top of Strips of Craigies would shorten their walk by six minutes each way.

Salvation Army's New Premises

The Lindsay Street Corps of the Salvation Army in Dundee will soon be able to reoccupy their headquarters which have been entirely rebuilt at a cost of approximately £7000.

The new building will be opened on Saturday November 17 by Commissioner Charles Jeffreys, the leading officer of the Army in Great Britain.