November 1935

The New Lord Provost - Mr John Phin Appointed

Minority Opposition

Albert SquareMr John Phin was last night elected Lord Provost of Dundee in succession to ex-Lord Provost Buist. The full membership of the Town Council attended the first meeting of the Corporation since the election. Mr Inglis Shepherd rose from a sick bed to attend the meeting.Extraordinary interest was taken by the public in the meeting, and by half-past four in the afternoon a queue was formed for seats in the gallery. The meeting began at seven o'clock. An effort was made to allow those who had been unable to find accommodation in the gallery to occupy seats in the Council Chamber.

This was the first division in the Council and by 19 votes to 18 it was decided not to grant the request. Bailie Findlay Lesslie nominated Mr Phin, and was seconded by Mr Simon Fraser.

Mr Harry Hird moved the name of Mr John M. Fraser, and was seconded by Mr A.J. Bayne.

By 19 votes to 18 Mr Phin was appointed. Amid applause the chain of office was placed around the Lord Provost's neck, and he there upon took the chair.

Lord Provost Phin, in returning thanks, said he looked upon the office he had been chosen to occupy as one in which there should be no politics and no partiality. He intended to give everyone a fair hearing and fair judgement.

Stannergate Launch

The next launch from the Stannergate Shipyard takes place on December 9. This will make the fourth launch from the yard this year. The new vessel is for the General Steam Navigation Co., Ltd., London, from whom the Caledon Shipbuilding and Engineering Co., Ltd., have also received an order for two motor coasters.

All the vessels belonging to the General Steam Navigation Co. are named after birds, and the vessel to be launch on December 9 will be called Philomel, another name for the nightingale.

She will be replacing a former vessel of the same name, which was recently sold by the company. The Philomel, which is about 2270 tons gross, will be christened by Mrs Hugh MacNabb, sister of the chairman of the company, Mr J. McAllister.
Making Roads with Jute

A further experiment is being made with jute fabric in the making of roads. The Association of Jute Spinners and Manufacturers is co-operating with Messrs Wm. Briggs & Sons in a road-making contract with the Harbour Trust.

In this contract jute fabric will be laid down on part of the road. Other experiments with jute fabric have been made by the Corporation Works Departments in other parts of the city, and by local authorities in other districts.

The idea behind the laying down of jute fabrics is that when the surface of the road requires renewal the top layer can be peeled off without disturbing the underlying foundations. In these circumstances roads could be resurfaced at much less cost.

In the case of tarred roads the jute fabric is expected to form an absorbent, elastic skin, and to distribute the weight and wheel action of vehicles.

The possibility of the extended use of jute fabric for road-making is a matter of the greatest importance to the jute trade in Dundee and the association is closely associating itself with Messrs Briggs in the venture.

More Employment

A substantial reduction of unemployment in Dundee is shown in the return up to 21st October by Mr William Duns, manager of the employment exchange.

Compared with the previous return dated 23rd September, the downward trend has been as follows:-

Jute industry from 7879 to 6862; shipbuilding from 451 to 408; engineering from 777 to 611; other trades from 7108 to 6691. Building shows a slight increase from 548 to 569, but the gross total of unemployed is reduced from 16,763 to 15,141.

This means that at 21st October there were 1622 more people in employment in Dundee than there were at 23rd September.

Potato Rumble

Take 1lb of cooked potatoes, 2oz of dripping, 1lb Spanish onions, a little hot milk, salt and pepper.

Mash the potatoes with the hot milk until they are creamy and season with salt and pepper. Whist they are cooking peel and slice very thinly the onions. Melt the dripping and fry the onions until they are very dry and crisp. Put the mashed potato into a hot vegetable dish and cover the top with a thick layer of fried onions. Serve.

Term Sale

Now proceeding
"Put-u-up" Bed Settees
Beautifully sprung and upholstered
£7 17/6
Easy terms arranged as desired
Young's 2-8, Tally Street, Dundee.

Memorial Wreaths

For Armistice Day
Exquisite Designs
Laird & Sinclair
Florists, 22 City Square, Dundee.


The Plad, Alexander Street, Dundee
Monday - Albert Burton in "Heat Wave" (U)
Serial. Comedy. Cartoon.
Thursday - H.B. Walthall in "Murder in the Museum" (A)
Serial. Comedy. Cartoon.

Dundee Corporation Galleries

Albert Institute
Now On View
Selection of famous pictures from the National Gallery, London (Tate Gallery)
Entrance by the museum door
Admission is free.


St. Andrew's Day - November 30
Get a "St. Andrew's" Scotch Haggis
And send one to your friends
J. Roger and Son, Union Street, Dundee.