November 1910

Congestion of Potatoes at Harbour

MurraygateUnless the heavy stocks of potatoes stored up in the sheds at Earl Grey Dock are relieved at an early date something approaching a serious congestion will occur. Every day wagon and cart loads of tubers are dumped down at the harbour, and the bags are piled in the sheds almost roof high. Although the supplies are coming in with perfect regularity, however, the exporters are experiencing difficulty in chartering vessels to carry them off. Large vessels and very small boats are to be had, but medium-sized vessels, capable of carrying between 400 and 500 tons appear to be in great demand right now, and so the congestion is steadily becoming worse and a quantity of potatoes have been stored in the sheds at Camperdown Dock. Several thousand tons of tubers are awaiting the arrival of steamers but as yet none are forthcoming.

The Italian Ice-Cream Shops

It has been decided that the Police Committee should see Mr Winston Churchill MP, when he comes to Dundee to get him to bring ice-cream shops with in the provision of his Shops Bill. Mr J.K. Foggie, in proposing it, said it was a disgraceful thing that Italians should be allowed to come into Scotland and open these ice-cream shops on a Sunday, and that they should have no power to deal with them. Dr Walsh said that, on the other hand, it was the Scottish people who patronised these shops. If there was no demand there would be no shops and the Italians would not come.

Soda Nogg

Break one egg into a small tumbler, add a wine glass of water and a tablespoon of icing sugar; fill up three parts with ice, shake well, strain, add a split bottle of soda water whilst stirring with a spoon, and dust with nutmeg.

A Cow Among the Chocolates

The antics of a cow in a confectionery shop close to Craig Pier causes considerable amusement and not a little consternation to those who happened to be in the neighbourhood on Tuesday afternoon. The animal was one of a lot evidently marked for "the Kingdom" but in waiting for the ferry steamer the cow had got a little out of hand, with the result that it landed in a confectionery shop opposite the Tay Bridge Station. The proprietors had not made special preparation for such a guest, however, and help was soon obtained to drive the animal off the premises. Unfortunately, in the journey to the street, a large pane of glass was broken by the cow, which came out of the accident little worse for wear.

1911 Census

The 1911 census will cause a great demand for girl and lady clerks at high salaries. Young ladies of fair Secondary Education how are interested, should apply at once to the Secretary for Printed Particulars, Post Free, Skerry's College, Meadowside, Dundee.

Downfield Football Club Entertains

The annual concert under the auspices of the Downfield football club was given in the Public Hall on Wednesday. There was a large attendance, presided over by Councillor Watt. The programme which was of a high-class character included the clever performance of a comedietta entitled "A Happy Pair".

Spectacles and Eyeglasses

Correctly adapted
Carefully fitted
Delightful to wear
Moderate in price
Lennie & Thomson
53-54, Reform Street (Next to Lamb's Hotel), Dundee.

Kings Theatre and Hippodrome

Twice Nightly
Monday, November 7th and during the week
Has anybody seen Kelly? Don't forget to see
Florrie Forde
The world's greatest chorus singer
Supported by
High-class Vaudeville Company.
Booking at the Theatre daily 11 to 4. Tele 1930.