November 1906

Steamer Ashore at Monifieth

Albert InstituteA mild sensation was created in Monifieth yesterday afternoon when it became known that a small steamer was ashore at the west end of town. The ship lies on the sands opposite the West End links and is quite close inshore. She is the Renown, of Liverpool which so far as known was making for Liverpool from Sunderland. She was first noticed opposite Albert Foundry and the crew were evidently making efforts to get out of the shallow but only managed to steer a little further west when the vessel grounded and remained fast. The tide was receding at the time and will not be full til this morning when no doubt a further attempt will be made to get into the proper channel. The ship settled on a pile of rocks known as "Battersen" which is marked as dangerous by a pole being fised on top.

Horticultural Society

The AGM of the above was held on Monday. Mr James Smith presided. The financial statement was submitted by the treasurer and showed a balance in favour of the society. Office bearers for the ensuing season were elected as follows:- President Mr J. Smith, Secretary MR.W.M. Young and Treasurer Mr W. McRae.

Annual Flower Show

Dundee Parks Committee at a meeting on Wednesday decided to grant on the customary conditions, the use of the Magdalen Green to the Horticultural Association for the next annual flower show at the end of August next year.


Apprentice Shuttlemaker (age 16). Respectable lad. Irelands Shuttle Works, Ireland Lane.

Broughty Ferry Election

Second Ward
Mr James Robertson
will address the electors
in the Congregational Church Hall,
Brook Street, Broughty Ferry.
On Monday 5th November at 8.30pm.

Ambulance Class at West Station

The opening meeting of the newly formed class in connection with the West Station Ambulance Corps was held on Sunday afternoon when there was a gratifying turnout of beginners. Mr George Harvey, District Superintendant occupied the chair and Dr George W.Millar, who is conducting the classes this year delivered the opening lecture. The meetings will be carried out as usual throughout the winter months.

Her Majesty's Theatre

Monday first, six nights and matinee on a Saturday
Mr A.H Canby presents...
The Entire Original Company Scenery and effects from the Criterion Theatre, London.
in the successful play
"The Prince Chap"
Company includes Mr H.R Roberts and the charming child actresses Miss Betty Green and Miss Geraldine Wilson. Seats can be booked.

Dundee Select Choir

Grand Evening Concert
Gilfillan Hall
Wednesday 14th November at 8pm
Conductor - Mr Henry Marshall
Accompanist - Miss Maggie Cuthbert
Tickets - 2s, 1s and 6d
at music sellers and at the hall door.

The Dundee Trojan

James Jeffrey who scored Dundee's leading goal against Kilmarnock, is amongst the most reliable backs in the country. For Jeffrey the great Templeton and elusive Simpson have no terrors and even Walker has to keep his weather eye open when the Dundee trojan is about.

The Right Way To Mash Potatoes

Peel and boil the potatoes. Now allow for every 1lb of potatoes a wineglassful of absolutely boiling milk, and a bit of butter about the size of a medium walnut. When the potatoes are quite dry, add the boiling milk, butter and salt and pepper to taste and beat up with a fork until white and light. Send to the table at once. No one who has not tried it can realise the difference the hot milk makes.