November 1931

Sir Harry Lauder in Dundee

A Busman's Holiday
DownfieldSir Harry Lauder has a busman's holiday in Dundee on Thursday night. In the Victoria Theatre he saw a musichall performance "from the front" and at the close pronounced it excellent.Sir Harry was accompanied by Mr and Mrs Charles Young, Shamrock Street, old acquaintances whom he was visitiing prior to fulfilling two interesting engagements at Arbroath and Aberdeen.

The famous comedian paid the usual penalty for fame. He cannot travel incognito. Sir Harry hoped to "slip in" to the Victoria unobtrusively, just like any ordinary occupant of the stalls but the audience spotted him and gave him a cheer all to hmself. With his long briar pipe "reekin" splendidly, the little man who has captivated audiences in all parts of the world, showed the livliest interest in every item on the programme, signifying his approval by hearty applause.

Soiled Suede Gloves

A pair of soiled suede gloves can be improved by heating some quite dry flour and rubbing it well into them while on the hands, with a piece of clean flannel.
Grease marks will disappear under a treatment of benzine and gentle rubbing with fine sand paper.

Tomato Ketchup Week

Next week is Garton's "H.P" Tomato Ketchup week..
Look to your grocer's window for his display
"H.P" Tomato Ketchup - most appestising and flavourful is made in England by the H.P Sauce people
8d and 1/-. Also trial size - 3d.

Highland Society Lecture

Dr Angus MacGillivray, the chief, presided at a well attended ceilidh and lecture of Dundee Highland Society on, which was held in the Lamb Room's on Saturday evening. The lecturer was Mr Stewart A. Robertson whose subject was "The Voice of Cona" - the name which the poet Ossian gave to himself.

Rival City Boxers

Joe Boag, Dundee was knocked out in the fourth round of a ten round contest at Elgin by Fred Tennant, Dundee. Tennant who was the aggressor from the start, floured Boag for a count of 9 in the first round with a left hook.

Dreams Shattered

When the speed cars were put on the Blackness route everyone in that district, a frequent contributor points out, gave a sigh of satisfaction. Now the service would be speeded up, they thought, no more snail like pilgrimages, but swift, luxurious transport.

Alas!, how sadly their dreams have been shattered. The huge percentage of slow moving horse vehicle traffic in Brook Street and Blackness Road make even a moderate speed out of the question and it is provoking to see a car which has been specially built for speed crawling along behind a stream of horsedrawn lorries.Unless a system of one-way traffic for the latter was adopted, it is difficult to see what could be done without diverting buses on this route.

130,000 Poppies for Sale

This is poppy day in Dundee today and a strong appeal is made so that last year's total may be equalled. A total of 130, 000 poppies will be on sale. The ordinary variety, for which a penny to threepence is expected, will number 89, 000 and there will also be 17, 500 of the sixpwnny kind and 6500 of the shilling short.

Christmas Scene at Glamis

Valentines and Sons Ltd, Dundee have specially prepared for the Dunchess of York a private christmas card reproduced from a painting that was specially made for her. Printed on heavy double-edged paper and bound with the Duchesses favourite blue ribbon, the card is of an extremely simple nature, the only wording inside being "with best wishes from____"

On the front  the ancient gateway of Glamis Castle is depicted in wintry garb. An old fashioned coach is seen passing under the archway, while castle servants holding aloft heavy lanterns show travellers in.

The Duchess of York has intimated that she is estremely pleased with the card.

"Facing the Music" - The First Time

St. Andrew's Chruch Dramatic Society made its first public appearance on Tuesday evening, when they staged a comedy, "Facing the Music" at Foresters' Hall.

Princess Potatoes

This is a very nice dish that would be welcome at supper-time

Take ┬Żlb cooked potatoes, 1oz butter, 1oz grated cheese, salt and pepper, yellow of an egg and a little milk.
Mix all ingredients in a basin, then form into little fingers and brush with egg. Flour an oven plate, place on the fingers and brown in the oven. Dish neatly on an ashet pour on a little melted butter and garnish with parsley.