May 1984

Cauld Peh is Cold Comfort

OvergateWho would have thought that Nigel Lawson would strike a body-blow at the age-old Dundee tradition of a hot peh?

But that is exactly what the Chancellor has done in decreeing that Value Added Tax be added to all hot take-away food. For generations of Dundonians, the hot pie has been a mainstay of their diet. How many Dundonians can say they have never indulged in the Saturday lunchtime treat of a hot pie? The tasty combination of delicious pastry and steaming hot meat is one which few people can refuse. But with the increase of around 5p on each hot pie, thanks to VAT, many are thinking twice before treating themselves. Not that the consumption of pies has stopped altogether - it's just that now a lot of people are plumping for the COLD version.

"We have found a great many people just taking cold pies - rather than have to pay 5p more to get it out of the oven," said a spokesman for Wallace Land O'Cakes. "Whether they eat them cold or take them home and heat them up, I don't know".

But the strange thing about the VAT ruling is that it doesn't effect every hot pie. If you buy a freshly baked pie that just happens to be hot from baking, them there's no VAT - but if your hot pie has been reheated in the shop oven, that's when the increase comes into effect, as it then becomes, legally, hot take-away food.

"Some people have cottoned on to this and buy our pies when they come down from the bakery," said a spokesman for Nicoll's Rosebank Bakery. "But the pies do get cold very quickly and have to stay in the shop oven - as soon as we do that we have to charge an extra 5p. It is odd and we do get complaints, but we have to do it."

Best Foot Forward for the Scanner

A group of Dundee women have put their best foot forward - and raised over £300 towards the appeal for a whole body scanner in the city.

The eight women are workmates in Tay Spinners' Taybank Works, Arbroath Road, Dundee, and they read in "The Journal" of the need for a scanner.

They decided they should do something to help raise the much-needed cash and eventually agreed on a sponsored walk from Perth to Dundee!

The footsore and weary walkers make it home to Dundee on Sunday, May 6, delighted in the knowledge that their efforts were helping such a worthwhile cause.

"The women are mostly from our winding department - although there is one from spinning and it was entirely their own idea to have the walk" says Tay Spinners' personnel officer Elizabeth Reilly.
"We are really pleased they were all so successful, and I believe that their eventual figure will be in excess of £300. The firm donated £50 when they heard of their plans"

In the "Journal" office, we were delighted to hear of the venture. Finding money to buy a whole-body scanner for Tayside means that as many people as possible have to dedicate themselves to fund-raising events like this - and we'd like to hear about them all. If you have any plans to collect money for the cause, why no get in touch with us and we'll publicise your plans!

That way the people of Dundee can keep bang up-to-date with fund-raising plans for the scanner and give their support where and when they can.

Dundee District Councillor Bill Roberts was delighted by the news of the effort by the Tay Spinners' ladies - "It's efforts like this which will make the scanner appeal a success" he commented this week. "I was handed another £25 by a person just recently - it really shows that the people of Dundee are 100% behind the need for a whole-body scanner in this area".

Miller Praises United Goalie

Hamish McAlpine has played in more European ties than any other Scottish goalkeeper. He has now made 46 appearances for Dundee United in Euro competitions and is already looking ahead to extending this record next season.

Nobody has done more to put the Tangerines on the map at home and abroad than the veteran goalie. St Mirren manager Alex Miller singled him out following his side's 2-0 defeat at Tannadice on Monday.

"Hamish is a first-class performer and an inspiration to the team," comments Miller. "United deserved their win but we were denied at least a couple of goals because of brilliant saves and the one from Drew Jarvie was something special".

Hamish's shut-out against Saints was his 22nd of the season, a remarkable record for a man who signed for United away back in 1966. He celebrated his 36th birthday last month, but has no thoughts about retiral. This is not surprising as he seems to grow in stature every year. His remarkable spell of service to United is an example to every aspiring youngster.

Fat Sam's Diary

Our Celebrated Ladies' Nite
Dance the night away
10 p.m. - 3 a.m. - admission £3.
The place to be - but be early!
Dance Factory with the Bluebells
9.30 p.m. - 2.00 a.m.
Wednesday, May 9th
Another fabulous Sixties Nite with Live Band Gin
All draught beers 30p per pint
Gin 30p per measure.
Admission £3 or £1.50 if dressed in authentic sixties style

Fat Sams Nite Club / Discotheque / Diner
Telephone 28181
31, South Ward Road, Dundee.

Holiday in the Isle of Man

Special bargain
Fully inclusive package offer.
From June 8 to July 8.
Return rail fares from Dundee, return boat fare
and seven days Evening Dinner / Bed and Breakfast
Only £102.
No extra charges.
Lansdowne Licensed Guest-House
102, Bucks Road, Douglas. Phone 0624 5947.

Riddle of the Sands

Some very unusual sights can be seen on Broughty beach these days - and they've nothing to do with bathing belles or sandcastles. Visitors to the esplanade have found an assortment of brightly-painted wooden sculptures decorating the sand dunes and the question on everyone's lips is "Where did they come from?"

The simple answer is that they have been erected on the beach by post-graduate student David Cook, from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Are, Dundee, and are part of an exhibition entitled "Spontaneous Sculptures."

Wha's Like  Us? Not So Many

Dundee's population has dropped by 17,953, from 195,498 to 177,545 in the ten years from 1971.
And a population projection presented to Tayside Region's policy and resources committee this week predicts it will continue to fall well into the 1990's.

The committee was told the average forecast was a decline of over 9100 by 1991, with a further loss of 6200 by 1996, making a total of 15,300.

Taking even the most optimistic projection, the population was expected to decline by 3000 by 1991 and 4850 by 1996.

Putting Green

Pitch and Putt Courses
Victoria Park, Riverview Park, Finlathen Park, Invergowrie, Monifieth, South Road, Ardler, Stobsmuir, Broughty Ferry.