May 1959

Morrison Joins Dundee

City CentreReg Morrison, the Aberdeen goalkeeper, who was surprisingly freed, signed yesterday for Dundee. Manager Willie Thornton beat Raith Rovers, Dunfermline and several English clubs for his signature. Morrison is a lucky fellow, for he will accompany Dundee on their tour of America and Canada.He travelled to Edinburgh yesterday with the Dundee players to get his visa. The signing of Morrison means that the club now have four goalkeepers, the others being Pat Liney, Bill Brown and Horsburgh. Does this point to Bill Brown heading for England on his return from the tour? I warn the Dundee players to keep and eye on the new goalkeeper. He is the greatest funster in the game and is always playing pranks on his club mates. A player never knows what he will find on his plate when Reg is around.

Two Messages for You

Dundee's local elections are on Tuesday next week.
Do you intend voting, or are you one of the apathetic brigades - the ones who couldn't care less?

Countries have fought and many have died for the right to vote. It is the very essence of democracy. So rouse yourself on Tuesday - VOTE!

This is an issue which all parties agree. Here are messages from Councillor James Gillies, leader of the Progressive Group, and Treasurer Wm O'Neill, leader of the Socialist group in Dundee Town Council:-

Councillor James Gillies writes - Dundee with its debt of £24,000,000, is managed by 38 councillors and the Lord Dean of Guild. The council spend approximately £4,000,000 a year to conduct the city's business and have full power to raise every penny of this colossal sum, with the exception on Government grants, from rates.

Yet the councillors are elected on behalf of the citizens who have the right to vote because the other half takes little or no interest in the city's affairs. It is only the half who vote who should have anything to say if the rates do not please them or the corporation services do not satisfy them.

EVERY CITIZEN should use his or her vote and take an interest in the city's affairs.

Treasurer O'Neill Writes - Dundee was once noted for its lively electioneering and keen heckling, but in recent years the prevailing election apathy throughout the country has extended to out city. It is the DUTY of every elector to see that their vote is cast for the candidate of their choice - only by doing so can the will of the people be made known.

The Town Council employs the largest labour force and has the highest payroll in the city. Elected members sacrifice home life and leisure time attending administration and planning the city's future.

Shoulder your responsibility. VOTE ON MAY 5 and kill this dangerous social scourge - APATHY.

A Wandering Peacock

The R.S.P.C.A. Kennels in Allan Street had one of their strangest yet "lodgers" on Wednesday night - a peacock. It was found wandering around Templeton Woods, Birkhill, by a very surprised Mr Andrew Clunie who lives at 28, St Kilda Road. He handed it over to the society and they in turn handed it back to its owners, the Parks Department. It had wandered from Camperdown Park.

ABC Capitol, Dundee

Rogers and Hammerstein's
South Pacific
Starring Rossano Brazzi, Mitzi Gaynor and John Kerr
Produced by 20th Century Fox
Colour by Technicolor.
Film programme commence Weds and Sats 2.30pm Evenings 7.30pm.

Hotel Loses Ding Dong Contest

Some guests in the Royal Hotel, Dundee, can't get a good night's rest - because of the Old Steeple chimes.

In a letter to the Town Council, the management described the chimes as "a serious and continuous problem to our guests" It was suggested that this was bad for Dundee's rapidly expanding tourist trade, and that the chimes should be switched off between midnight and 7am. But Senior Deputy Town Council Clerk Mr Gordon S. Watson explained that to switch off, someone would have to climb the stairs, or a time switch would have to be installed, involving much additional wiring.

Treasurer William O'Neill said that he had slept in hotels all over the country and clocks were chiming all the time, Dundee was no worse off the other places. The works committee agreed to take no action.

Jimmy Reid Back To Tannadice?

It could be that wee Jimmy Reid could return to Tannadice on a free transfer. Jimmy was transferred from Bury to Stockport County late in the season. He has been placed on the retained list but did not receive an offer from the club. That automatically makes him a free agent. I expect United to make a strong bid for him.

The late George Henderson figured in a similar position when with Darlington and Jimmy Brownlie, the manager of United, stepped in and signed him. There was quite a stushy but there was no doubt he was a United player.

Molly's Coming To Town

Radio personality Molly Weir will postpone her holiday for two days to travel to Dundee. She will open a garden fete at Fairmuir School, organised by St James Church, for the National Church Extension Fund.

Molly, who normally accepts only local engagements near London, was delighted to accept the invitation because the fund is such a worthy one. Says Rev J.E.M. Baikie, "She doesn't have any special connection with the congregation. We just wrote and asked her. It is very good of her to travel up from London especially for us.

Sandy's Stores

"I'm just off to pay my papers and buy a few things in the new airy surroundings of Sandy's Stores"
Newspapers and magazines
Cigarettes and tobacco
Groceries and confectionary
He stocks them all and gives prompt unequalled service.
Newspaper delivery service in St Mary's, Blackshade, MacAlpine and West Kirkton.
Sandy's Stores
Camperdown Road, Dundee. Phone 86568.