June 1909

The Kings's Theatre

Coty SquareThe management of the King's are introducing quite a lot of new talent - new at least to Dundonians - just now. This week's company includes several strong turns that have never been here before, and next week the King's patron's will see several more. Thora "stars" and the splendid ventriloquial talent of this artiste thoroughly justifies his position at the top of the bill. But a turn quite as good in its own category is that of Dora Lyric, whose sprightly song and catchy choruses have delighted the fastidious London ear. Stuart and Morgan are sure to give good vocal entertainment, while One Billy Farrell, who created the famous cake walk, should prove a good draw. The Arthur Gallimore Trio, Howe and Ardie, and Arthur Stacey represent a variety of humorous talent, and Lil Elfreda is an adept in mimicking the stars of the music halls. An imposing list, in sooth!


Girl wanted to learn the music trade. Apply D.F. Sheriff's, New Music Shop, 101 Nethergate, Dundee (near Tay Street).

Holiday Experience.

Your Holiday will this year be the pleasant in your experience if you depart from the city the possessor of a set of artificial teeth designed by John Robertson at:
27, Victoria Road, Dundee. Phone 909.

Broughty Rates

It is understood that, in addition to the rise of ½d per £1 in the education rate, there is  a likelihood of the burgh general assessment being increased being chiefly due to unforeseen expenditure in the public health department, as well as the cost of the improvement at Claypotts Bridge.

It is satisfactory thought to learn, however, that the last few weeks of the financial year had considerably added to the increase in the manufacture of gas as compared with last year, and that a surplus that will admit of a reduction in the price - now standing at 3s per 1000 cubic feet has been obtained.

As regards the Parish Council assessments, there is a probability of an increase in the poor rate - the accounts, it is understood, showing a deficit. Should the gas be reduced by 2d per 1000 cubic feet that will just about counterbalance the rise in the school, burgh, and poor assessments.


Seymour Lodge Girls School, Dundee
Weekly boarders received in September.
Large and fully qualified staff.
Preparation in examinations
Particulars on application to Miss Cumming.

Scottish Amateur Tournament at St Andrews

Dundee "Evening Telegraph and Post"
Golf Trophy
(Silver Cup - value £150)
With gold silver and bronze medals
Entries to the Office 7, Bank Street, Dundee.

Votes for Women

The monthly "At Home" of the Women's Freedom League was held in the Gilfillan Hall on Tuesday. Miss Husband presided. Miss Munro, the Scottish Organiser, gave a very interesting address on "What the Suffragette Means to those engaged in it".

Shamrock Leaves the River

The Shamrock has been sold to Southend owners and has left Dundee harbour on her southward journey.