March 1986


Cold Payments: Deluge on Dundee Hotline

OvergateMore than 800 Dundonians have contacted the D.H.S.S seeking help with their fuel bills since the exceptionally severe weather payments system first came into operation last Friday. Social Security staff in offices at Lindsay Street and Edward Street have been inundated with phone calls and personal callers anxious to find out if they qualify. In the event however, it seems the majority of them don't. So far, out of the 121 claims made six payments have been made to date.

According to Mrs Lynda Macdonald, liaison manager at the Dundee Office, many people applying either didn't qualify because they weren't in receipt of the correct benefits, or they had capital over £500 or hadn't yet received their fuel bills for February.

Payments that have been made so far vary between £10 and £30. D.H.S.S. officers in Tayside are manning special telephone hotlines to deal with call from people who think they may qualify for the payments. Numbers to call are - Dundee 23211 (ext 263) and 23253 (ext 226). Perth - 21261 (ext 201) and Arbroath 77311 (ext 204).

Tugs Prepare to Tow out Discovery

The arrival of two tugs at St Katherine's Dock in London was the latest move in the preparation for the departure of Discovery for Dundee, writes an "Evening Telegraph" reporter. There was some confusion at the beginning because neither of the two tugs, The Ensign and The Tigris VII., could enter the dock until the dredger, waiting for high water, could leave. The dredger had cleared the harbour of silt ready for Discovery's passage out of the dock. The two tugs are now moored alongside Discovery. They seen small for the task, but both the masters are confident they can handle their important charge.

Wellgate Carpets

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Coconut Grove

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Visit the Rhineland

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Latest Craze Hit Dundee

The latest sporting craze to hit the continent has arrived in Dundee with the advent of the lolobal. An air-filled ball with a rim round it large enough for a person to stand on if their balance is good enough - it is supposed to strengthen legs and flatten tummies. "You stand on the rim and bounce up and down and once you've practiced you can execute turns and other manoeuvres" said one of the people who mastered it, Mr Neil Ringsell of the Sports Locker in the Overgate. "They are good for skiers and tennis players because it really pulls and strengthens the leg muscles. Already over 4 million have been sold in Europe since lolobal was launched nine months ago. A lot of people are using it for fun as well" said Sports Locker manager Mr Iain Caird. "We have sold about 20 since Friday and have already had a lot of children trying it".

Scottish Soul Society

Northern All-Nighter Marryat Hall, Dundee
This Friday (March 14) 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.
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Mockingbird Management Present

Michael Barrymore Tom Peppar, Pepe and Friends And The Roly Poly's
Caird Hall, Dundee
Thursday April 17 at 7.30
Ticket £3.50, £4.50
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Gobots Come to Dundee

Two members of the popular television series "Challenge of the Gobots" are to visit Dundee "Cy-Kill" and "Leader-1" will be appearing at John Menzies, Murraygate on Saturday, April 5, from 10am to 4pm, and will be happy to meet friend and foe alike. The two (man-powered) six-foot high figures have proved very popular with fans throughout Scotland on these "personal appearances".

Carolina Port: the Final Blow?

What's left of the old power station should join the rubble tomorrow aft two planned controlled explosions at 12.15pm and 5.15pm are carried out. The operation was cancelled last Thursday because of the high winds.