March 1936

At Full Capacity

Ward RoadCheering news concerning the company's principal mill in Dundee was included in the chairman's remarks at the forty-seventh annual meeting of A. & S. Henry & Co., Ltd in Manchester. Last year reference was made by the then Chairman, Sir Francis Joseph, to the re-equipment of the Dundee Mill, and now his successor Sir Eugene Ramsden, M.P., stated that "during the whole of the 12 months under review this mill has been working at full capacity, and although, owing to extremely keen competition, margins have been small, this subsidiary is now being run on a profit-earning basis. Orders in hand are satisfactory.

The Wrong Bottle

A Dundee woman was slightly poisoned when she mistook an iodine bottle for a medicine bottle and drank half a teaspoonful of the contents. She was Jean McEwan (62), factory worker, City Road. She was removed to the Royal Infirmary, and, after treatment, allowed home.

Trial with "A" team

Dundee will have a right-wing trialist from Forfar in the "A" team to-day. He is Benny Scanlon, who left Dundee Shamrock for Forfar West End fairly recently. It will be remembered that Scanlon, who was a schoolboy internationalist, was with Violet some time ago when he was only a boy. His name was then linked with Celtic. Since going to Forfar, Scanlon has received much limelight by reason of his brilliant displays.

Washable Wallcovering

Largest selection in town of Baize Wallcovering, for Bathrooms, Kitchen, and Scullery. Marble, Tile, and Floral designs.

21 inches wide, 9d per yard.
45 inches wide, 1/6 per yard.
54 inches wide, 2/- per yard.
Wilson's Bonanza
127, Overgate, Dundee.

It's Spring Cleaning Time

Hints and Tips Which Readers Have Found Invaluable

Mildew Stains - Mildew can be removed from materials by laying on a paste made of soft soap and powdered chalk. Leave the article in the sun to dry if possible.

Old Pillow Cases - Keep all thinly worn cases, they come in very handy at spring-cleaning time. Tied over the head of the mop or brush for brushing down the walls and removing cobwebs.

In Hot Water - When re-enamelling the fireplace or bathwork, with you tin of enamel in hot water. This is most satisfactory than thinning with turpentine. The enamel is easier to apply and there is the absence of streaks. When dry you obtain more of a porcelain finish. Mrs Hampton, Aberdeen.

White Marks on Polished Tables - Sent in by Mrs Edwards, Hemel Hampstead, Herts. Vinegar and olive oil in equal quantities well mixed and rubbed on to a mahogany table will remover the whit marks caused by hot dishes.

Instant Hot Water

Corporation of Dundee
Hot Water by Wire
You would like to have really hot water on tap instantly and constantly, when ever you need it.
Electricity offers you this supreme home comfort by the mere turn of a tap.
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Electricity Showrooms
95, Commercial Street, Dundee.

Wage Increase for Inspectors

Transport Recommendation
Increases in wages were recommended for two groups of Dundee Corporation Transport employees by a sub-committee yesterday.

Representations were made by Mr. J.M. Mortimer, Scottish Secretary of Nalgo, on behalf of an increase of 4s a week for six tramway inspectors and six timekeepers. The increase, he said, would maintain the relative margin between the wages of these employees and of drivers which existed prior to the recent wage increase to drivers. The inspectors had disciplinary duties justifying the margin in wages.

On the recommendation of the transport manager, Mr Robert Taylor, it was agreed to advance the minimum wages of cash clerks, who were not graded, to 65s, rising to 76s 6d, and to raise the chief cash clerk's wages to 86s 6d.

Hospital Sunday Appeal

Tomorrow will be observed in churches throughout Dundee and district as "Hospital Sunday". Hospital Sunday is an opportunity for church people to show their gratitude for the benefits provided by Dundee Royal Infirmary, to many of them directly and all of them indirectly.

The directors of the infirmary appeal to all to be as generous as they possible can. There is no charity which more richly deserves their support, and the need has never been greater than at the present time.

Lochee Choral Concert

Lochee Choral Society at their concert in West Church hall on Wednesday are to give performances of two interesting works - "Meg Blane" by Coleridge Taylor, and Handel's "Acis and Galatea".

The last occasion on which "Meg Blane" was rendered in Dundee was in the days when the Kinnaird Hall was used for concerts. A point of interest with regard to the presentation of "Acic and Galatea" is that the whole work is being given.

Mr Charles W. Sinclair is conductor of this enterprising society, and the soloists at next week's concert will be Miss Evelyn M. Pyot (soprano), Mr J.B. Ptolemy (tenor) and Mr George Lowden (bass). The string orchestra will be led by Mr Harry C. Ogilvie.

Exhibition for Anglers

Anglers will be interested in the exhibition to be held in Mathers' Hotel, Dundee on April 1, 2 and 3 by Mr Alexander Martin, fishing rod and tackle-maker, 20 Exchange Square, Glasgow. The rods, hooks &c., and other accessories which have built up Mr. Martin's reputation will be on show, so that purchasers may see and handle the actual articles they purchase. Particular attention will undoubtedly be devoted by visitors to the specialties of Mr. Martin, which have been responsible for some notable achievements.