April 1911

Dundee's New Goalkeeper

The injuries sustained by Philip against Rangers and Arbroath made it necessary for the Dundee officials to find a new goalkeeper for the Northern League match with Montrose at Dens Park today. They have signed George Laburn, late of Arbroath and Forfar, who had a short tern across the border.

Putting Away Woollens

When the winter curtains &c., have been cleaned, or shaken as the case may be - and the shaking applies to all woollen materials that will not be required in the summer - roll each article up separately, sprinkling them with moth powder or colocynth (bitter apple), and wrap them up in brown paper or in an old sheet. Winter apparel, even if it is not often welcome in the startling changes in our summers, is best left hanging or lying in cupboards and drawers where other things are kept. Isa M, Inverness.

Hilltown Mission Sewing Club

The Sewing Club associated with the Hilltown Mission of Panmure Street Congregation Church concluded its session with a social function. Rev. Thomas Templeton presided and he was supported by ex-Bailie Smith and Mr Robert Lickley. It was stated that there were 95 members on the roll, and that the average attendance was 65. 950 yards of material, at a cost of £35 had been fashioned in to useful garments for the girls. Mrs Templeton gracefully distributed the prizes, and mentioned the fact that 24 girls present at every meeting during the season, while one girl had missed only one night.

Kings Theatre and Hippodrome

Twice Nightly Monday, 3RD April and during the week. First appearance in Dundee of the Inimitable NEVILLE WALLACE The Cyclone of Fun, Direct from the Palladium, London Supported by Exceptional Variety Co. Bookings daily at Theatre 11 to 4. Tel 1950.

In The Garden Work for Now ...

All the finer varieties of peas may be sown with all safety after the advent of April. If put in too early they are almost certain to rot, but growth is now much more rapid, that germination takes place in a short time, and there is thus very small fear of loss. For present sowing Senator, Boston, Unrivalled or Alderman are very suitable, being all varieties of exceptional merit.

Other Seeds to Sow ...

Put in the last lot of Broad Beans now, as these will carry on til frost comes. Sow lettuce, turnip, radish and very early carrots in small quantities. The cabbage varieties of lettuce are usually the more satisfactory, as they require no tying and do not so readily run to seed. Holborn, Standard, Iceberg and New York Giant are among the best lettuces on the market. The last-named grows to a large size, but is very tender and crisp and keeps a long time fit for use.

The Bellman's Budget

East enders have at last have their wish gratified, and Forfar Road now boast a double tramway line. The change has been long in coming but now that it is a reality I hope the ratepayers will patronise the system more, and show that the improvement was justified. I notice that the tramway department are to have everything up to date, and the patent welding of the rails by electricity is being carried out. For the past few nights the weird noises that accompany this process have disturbed the midnight serenity, and at the same time, it may be, the accustomed sangfroid of the inhabitants of that quarter.

Dundee Millworkers

Claim Shorter Working Day Financially, the Dundee and District Mill and Factory Operatives' Union is in a healthy condition with some £12,000 at their credit. It was reported at Thursday's yearly half-meeting, held in Mid Street Hall, that the income for the past half-year was £1176 and expenditure £595, the difference being about £580. Nearly 200 recruits were also enlisted. Only one week's payment of lock-out money came off the half-year, the remainder being included in the current period. Notice of a motion was given for the next meeting that the allowance for extension of holidays at the New Year should begin after three days' idleness, instead of six days as at present. The subject of shorter hours was discussed, the following resolution being unanimously adopted:-"That the time has come that the hours of labour in Dundee mills and factories be reduced to nine hours per day" It was left to the committee to take further action. Rev.Henry Williamson, who presided, acknowledged the splendid services of the Union in giving him the position he occupied on the School Board.

A 'Majority' Launch on the Tay

The Warner, the twenty-first vessel built for the Clyde Shipping Company by the Caledon Shipping Company, was launched in the Tay on Wednesday. Then was towed into dock after successfully taking the water.

D.M. Meldrum's

For Compressed fibre and cane travelling requisites. Magnificent selection in all qualities. Illustrated lists on request. 13-15, Reform Street, Dundee.

Harrison's Hair Growth

A certain hair producer, beautifies and promotes the growth of the hair and is a preventative of thinness and falling out. In boxes, price 1s each. It keeps the hair free from scruff and dandruff and promotes a healthy condition of the scalp, numerous testimonials received. Sold by all Chemists.