March 1985

Why Joanna Came to Dundee…

City SquareFor the next four weeks Dundee will have the pleasure of the company of a very lovely lady. It has come about because Rep Theatre director Robert Robertson correctly read the signs.Those were that, behind the glamorous image of the internationally-known Joanna Lumley, was a lady who would like to do more serious work. Robert was possibly a little surprised - and most certainly delighted - by the speed of the positive response to his question - "How would you like to came to Dundee and play Hedda Gabler, Joanna?

At a busy press conference this week, just before getting down to the hard work of rehearsal Joanna Lumley confirmed that the challenge of Hedda is something that she couldn't resist. Just as so many male actors want to play Hamlet, women in theatre cherish the role of Ibsen's Hedda Gabler.

On Terry Wogan's show a week ago mention was made of Joanna's Scottish sojourn to play in Rep. The telephone at Tay Square started ringing next morning and it's a safe bet a lot of infrequent theatre patrons will want to see Hedda, not least the gentlemen of the household.

They'd be better forearmed with the knowledge, mind you, that Ibsen is heavy if marvellous stuff and that there's no likelihood of Joanna peeling, not even for charity.

But then, there are many who'd happily sit for two hours or more just watching Joanna Lumley doing something as mundane as pouring tea.

She says she's not so much going back to theatre as going into it "new", conscious of the fact that she's still learning. Refreshing from a star who is known worldwide.

We'll all see what happens when "Hedda" opens on March 14. If Joanna's Hedda wows 'em, all Dundee will surely share her triumph.

Dance Factory

Dundee's Original and Best Alternative Live Music Club
This Sunday March 3
The Immaculate Fools
Plus support band Two People

Also forthcoming-
March 10 - The Associates
March 17 - Hank Wangford
March 24 - Gary Clark + special guests.
All at
Fat Sams.

A Great Night Our in the West End

Get away from the humdrum for a lively night out at the Rock's newly renovated Lounge Bar.
With live music midweek, bar lunches, snacks and high teas every day and a fine range of Tennent's Beers to wet your palate, why be dragged off to the city centre.
All you could want is right here.
Call in soon and see for yourselves...
The Rock Lounge,
Dickson Avenue,
Telephone 60943.

Spiders at Home

Downfield, the only Tayside club left in the Scottish Junior Cup, have been favoured with a home draw in the fifth round. They are paired with either Larkhall Thistle or Port Glasgow, who meet in a fourth round replay this week.

Larkhall have a fair number of ex-senior players in their ranks while Port Glasgow have been the dark horses in the national competition this season.

Downfield officials realise at this stage in the competition there are no easy ties and have no doubts about the difficult hurdle they have to clear to reach the quarter final stage. But with top strikers like Ray Conway, Dave Baikie and Ray Henderson, the Spiders are confident they can carry the Tayside banner into the quarter finals.

Bright Tips

Bad Smell - To prevent an unpleasant smell while cooking cauliflower, cover with slices of bread. The bread can then be given to the birds when cold. Mrs I McIntosh, Ellon.

Quickly Drained - Cook vegetables in a frying pan basket inside your saucepan. They can be quickly drained when ready to serve. Mrs Parker, Kilwinning.

Concert and Coffee at Baxter Park

The Scanner Appeal is to benefit from a concert and coffee evening to be held next week in a Dundee Church Hall. Organiser Mrs Edith Donaldson, 10 Park Avenue, Dundee, who decided to make a fund-raising effort for the appeal following the death of a friend.

Edith came up with and evening packed full of fun, entertainment stalls, with the main concert party formed by members of Trinity Church of Scotland's senior Bible class.

Such is the teenagers' excitement at taking part that frantic rehearsals have been held after Sunday services over the past few weeks. In addition to the talent of the Bible class, Edith has come up with a special tombola and cake and candy stall.

The big date is next Tuesday 5th March, and the fun will start at 7.30pm in Baxter Park Church Hall. Tickets available at the door are a mere 60p for adults and 30p for children.

An Unclaimed Fortune

Dundee Holders of Premium Bonds might be wise to check their numbers. For, whisper it, "Ernie" has money which he just can't give away - a cool £2.5 million. Prizes in that unclaimed total range from £25 to £5000 - so just imagine what it could mean for your summer holiday, 1985, if one belongs to you!

As a winner of course, you should automatically be informed by post of your windfall. But even the computers of our National Savings service aren't mind readers. If you've changed your address, maybe more than once, you may have forgotten to tell "Ernie". Keep him informed and then there's no chance of missing out on the money.

If you want an instant check on your possible claim to a small fortune, then there's a little office at the main Post Office in Dundee's Ward Road where lists are held of unclaimed winning numbers. That however isn't the easiest way to check your numbers, especially if you hold umpteen bonds. Best idea is to collect from the Post Office a copy of form P2767B together with a pre-addressed envelope. You write your name and address on it, all the more helpful if you've flitted and omitted to tell "Ernie" plus the number of bonds you hold. The address will be noted and, while they're at it, the computers run a check on your numbers in case you are a winner. This reminder doesn't cost you anything.

Add an Egg Pie

Can be reheated without spoiling - Mrs Cooper, Orkney.
Take 8 oz. Short-crust pastry; line the bottom of an 8-inch shallow tin, keeping some for the lid. Layer with 4 sliced hard boiled eggs, 2 peeled and sliced tomatoes and 4 thin rashers of bacon. Cover with pastry lid and bake for 30 minutes in a hot oven. Smoked haddock maybe substituted for the bacon.

A Chance to Take the Cake

The Angus Thistle Hotel, Dundee, is the venue for a fashion show to be held by Jaegar in aid of the Tayside Scanner Appeal next Wednesday evening (March 20). It will be introduced by Jimmy Spankie, and compere will be Norma Gamble.

Apart from the display of ladies' and gents' clothing, another highlight will be the raffle of a cake specially baked in the shape of a scanner. Tickets (£2.50) are available from the scanner office, or Jaegar's Reform Street Branch, Dundee.

Weekend Mascot

Richard Wilkie, who is nine and a half, is the mascot for Dundee United in their match with Celtic at Tannadice tomorrow. He is in class 5A at Barnhill Primary School, and his favourite player is another Richard, international defender, Richard Gough.