March 1960

Service at Wishart Arch

Baxter Park TerraceBy the light of a single street lamp the Rev D.P. Thomson conducted a memorial service at the Wishart Arch, Dundee on Tuesday night on the anniversary of the death of George Wishart. One of the leaders of the Reformation in Scotland, Wishart was burned for heresy at St Andrews on March 1, 1540.Mr Thomson referred to Wishart as one of the greatest Scottish martyrs. In the plague year he preached to large crowds at Wishart Arch - crowds of the plague-stricken outside the gates and others inside the city wall. His death marked the beginning of the popular movement for the Reformation. It dated the new birth of the Scottish church and nation.

Mr Thomson is the minister of St Ninian's Training Centre, Crieff, and is the son of a former elder of Wishart Memorial Church, Dundee.

Mr Millan Won't Fight Lord Provost
Mr Dave Millan, who intimated a month ago that he was to fight Lord Provost Hughes, Dundee, in the Hilltown ward at the May elections has changed his mind.

Mr Millan, a 64 year-old former corporation cleansing employee, is a former Socialist office-bearer. "For health reasons I have decided to withdraw," he said this week "I think all the work and excitement would be too much for me. Many people have approached me since the announcement and I think I have made my point.

Mr Millan's point was that he does not believe the interests of the city and ratepayers are being put first by the Socialist-controlled Town Council in a number of cases.

Lord Provost Hughes is seeking re-election to the Town Council, though he is not going forward for another term as Lord Provost. He is being opposed in the ward by Mr John G. Gall, engine driver, 57, Balunie Avenue, the Progressives' choice.

Want a Polio Jag?

Adults in the 25-40 age group can now be vaccinated against polio in Dundee. Those eligible can go to their own doctor or attend the clinic at 3 Forester Street on Wednesday between 2pm and 4.30pm, or Saturday between 10an and 11.30am.

Vaccinations are also available for small groups - people going to any country abroad outside Europe, other than Canada or U.S.A., anyone connected with dental surgery, nurses who were not eligible before, and Public Health staff. The families of people in these last three groups are also included.

Priority groups continue to be treated, and the clinic is also busy giving second and third injections. Says Dundee's medical officer of health Dr Ian B.L. Weir - "We had quite a good response from the 16 to 25 group, and up to 60 per cent have been vaccinated. We are still prepared to give them the injections if they attend the clinic or their own doctor. Dundee people have been quite co-operative in turning up for vaccination, and there has been an excellent response from factories".

Kinnaird Cinema

Monday next - continuous
The world's most fascinating pastime!
The screen's most hilarious hit!
Rock Hudson and Doris Day
The perfect pair
"Pillow Talk"  'A'
At 3.0 - 6.0 - 9.0

Dundee's Doris Day

Patrons of the Kinnard Cinema have been blinking their eyes in amazement as they entered the foyer this week. The reason for their amazement - a pretty blonde reclining comfortable on a double bed, telephone in hand and looking for all the world as through she belonged there!

Since Tuesday 18 year-old Yvonne Bowden, of 78, Napier Street, Dryburgh, has taken her place at 6.45pm in her role as the "Doris Day" of Dundee. Tonight sees the end of her spell as a live tableau advertising the film "Pillow Talk" which is on at the Kinnaird this week.

Last week the "Journal" invited girls who looked like Doris Day to go along and see the manager at the cinema. Yvonne's girl friends at the Timex factory urged her to apply. So just for fun she did. And much to her surprise, she was told "you've got the job".

"Pillow Talk" is a sophisticated adult comedy starring two of America's biggest box office draws, Rock Hudson and Doris Day. Rock's a songwriter with a long, long list of lady friends. Doris is an interior decorator who shares a party line with him, but can't get a word in edgeways on it because of his interminable conversations with girl friends.

Rock sees her, falls hard and set to a-wooing, without giving away that he's her phone partner, she falls, too - till she finds out.

Dundee Model Yacht and Power Boat Club

Dundee Model Yacht and Power Boat Club have been granted facilities at Stobsmuir Pond on Wednesdays in the Summer for 7pm to dusk; Saturday, 3pm to 6pm; and three hours on  Sunday mornings. They asked for the whole day on Sundays.


Millar's Bacon
Always fresh
Choose your cut from the finest available
Wm. Millar & Sons (Dundee) Ltd.,
High Class Grocers and Bacon Specialists
75, High Street, Dundee.

Speed Men Coming to Town

Visitors to Dundee on Monday will be Bob McIntyre, the famous racing motor cyclist and Jack Airman, a member of the Austin Martin racing team and so-driver for Stirling Moss.

They are attending a meeting of the motor trade in Kidd's Rooms. The meeting is being run jointly by Gaedor, Ltd., and Smith's Motor Accessories, and admission is by invitation only. The evening's programme includes a special car T.T. film, an illustrated lecture on the cooling system, a demonstration on the care of instruments, another film "Hot Air", and a full scale quiz. There is also an exhibition of motoring equipment.

Baked Bean Pie

Take 14oz tin of baked beans, 2 rashers of streaky bacon, 1 tomato and 1 small onion, pinch of dry mustard and grated cheese. Mix the beans thoroughly with the chopped onion and tomato and bacon (cut into pieces). Season and put the mixture in a pie-dish. Sprinkle with the grated cheese and cook until the beans are cooked through and the cheese nicely browned on top.
Miss E. Fraser, Dingwall.