March 1980

Closure of Bleachworks

OvergateThe Dundee Bleachworks' plant at Pitkerro Road, Midmill, owned by William Watson (Dundee) Ltd., is closing at the end of March. Seventy jobs will be lost. The import of cheaper-priced carpets from abroad is blamed for the closure.

Dundee Duo are in the Pink

When someone goes to a dance or disco and doesn't like it, the chances are that he or she will forget about it within a few days. But that wasn't the case with Dundee lasses Anne Brander and Pat Tyrie. When they went to a disco last year and found that they didn't like it, they started one themselves!

"We just thought that we could do a lot better," explained Anne. "We were lucky that my husband Dave used to be in a band so he had amplifiers and speakers that we could use".

Although the girls had no turntables, that posed no problem either. Dave is an electrician so was able to rig up a record deck with the aid of two old turntables, as well as a couple of light boxes which produce those weird flashing lights, the trademark of any disco.

Having set up their disco, the girls had only one problem left - what to call themselves. The Pink Ladies was the result - although they are the first to admit that their name doesn't always conjure up a disco image. "We often get people contacting us thinking we're go-go dancers, or even singers," laughed Pat.

The disco has been on the road for a year now, and the girls were lucky enough to be given a residency at the Craigton Coach Inn, Monikie, as soon as they started out.

Downfield Stars Know "Student Prince" Land

For Neil Smith, principal of the Downfield Musical Society version of "The Student Prince," which opens at the Whitehall Theatre, Dundee, on March 17, the setting of Heidelberg isn't hard to imagine. Twice Neil has visited the picturesque German town which looks as though it had been designed especially with the picture postcard industry in mind.

Nor will the role of Karl Franz be strange to Neil. A decage ago, not long out of Morgan Academy, he got involved in NCR's musical society and took the same part. The NCR musical makers were among the first of our amateur musical troupes to get into the Whitehall scene. Their spring production of "The Student Prince" played to packed houses - to such an extent that the theatre asked them to come back again in September.

Appearing with Neil in that show was Ian Lees, who takes the same part for Downfield as he did for NCR - that of Dr Engel. For producer Lyn Smith "The Student Prince" is a milestone as it's the 21st Downfield production he has guided.

The usual, experienced Downfield cast will be well to the fore again. There aren't many local ladies with the stage knowledge of Ann Wallace, who takes the female lead of Kathy. And in Lynn McFarlane as Princess Margaret, the society has another young lady of rapidly-maturing talent. Another familiar face is that of Frances Irons, who has the Grand Duchess role.

Another principal with first-hand experience of Heidelberg is Roger Buist, Detlef in this production, who has seen the town on a Scout trip to the continent.

Senior Citizens Turn to Tap Dancing

Two Dundee ladies have just proved that those "dancing years" don't necessarily have to be tender ones! For just through their first exam for tap-dancers are senior citizens Betty Wolarski (66) and Mary McDowell (70).

Betty turned to tap because, as a member of the A1 Concert Party, her stage appearances often involved a spot of hoofing. Betty admitted "I hadn't danced this kind of stuff for 50 years!"

Mary has long been into the ballroom style and has fourteen trophies dancing with husband, Tom.

Tap-dancing, as a fun way of keeping fit and trim, has fairly taken a trick with woman all across Dundee of late.

Unemployed Figure

The Dundee unemployed figure for this month is 9,630, an increase of 247 on last month.

Firm Vegetables

Before storing green vegetables, put a few tissues in with them. This stops them from becoming moist and keeps them firm longer.

Everything for the Pop Fan

Police - Outlandos D'Amour - £3.80
Abba - Greatest Hits Volume 2 - £3.80
Boney M - Oceans of Fantasy - £3.80
Blondie - Eat to the Beat - £3.80
Blondie - Parallel Lines - £3.80
Hot Chocolate - 20 Hottest Hits - £3.99
Michael Jackson - Off the Wall - £3.80
Rod Stewart - Blondes Have More Fun - £3.80
Bee Gees - Odessa - £4.79
Pink Floyd - The Wall - £5.49
Sex Pistols - Flogging a Dead Horse - £3.80
Showaddywaddy - Crepes and Drapes - £3.80

Large selection of mirrors from £1.99. Posters, badges, ties, photographs etc to clear at bargain prices.
The Record Centre, Wellgate Market Hall and Keiller Centre

100-mile Swim

A twenty-strong team from Menzieshill High School broke the world record for the 100-mile swim. Their time of 22 hours 8 minutes was 20 minutes better than that of an Australian team in 1978.

What's On - Cinema
Odeon - Yanks
Regal - Dr Zhivago
ABC - Apocalypse Now

Nazareth Plays the Caird Hall

Monday sees the long-awaited visit to Dundee, by the Scottish rock group Nazareth. There are still some tickets left, prices £3.25, £2.75 and £2.25, from the central booking office.

The line-up of the group hasn't changed in the past 10 years except for the addition last year of Zal Cleminson (guitar), formerly of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band.

The others are Manny Charleston (guitar), Dan McCafferty (vocals), Pete Agnew (bass) and Darrell Sweet (drums).

The group have also released an album "Malice in Wonderland", in connection with this tour.