March 1929

Strap-hanging on the Buses - Official Decision

Courier BuildingNo more strap-hanging will be allowed on the Dundee Corporation buses from Monday onwards. Mr D.P. Morrison, the transport manager, informed me yesterday afternoon that he was to issue an order declaring that standing in buses will not be allowed as from Monday.The decision has been forced upon the Transport Department as the result of a communication from Chief Constable Carmichael in which he states that the department will have to abide by the decision of the Secretary for Scotland following his refusal to confirm the amended byelaw permitting standing on buses. Mr Morrison added that the police would in all likelihood be on alert on Monday and therefore, there was no other course open to them but to prohibit standing.

It will be remembered that the Transport Committee adversely criticised the decision to the Secretary of Scotland, and, in the course of discussion, the suggestion was made that the corporation might achieve their purpose and secure a byelaw permitting standing under a Public Health Act, which would not require the sanction of the Secretary of Scotland. Matters were allowed to drift on the understanding that the question would be considered by the magistrates at their meeting on Wednesday. The citizens who patronise the buses eagerly awaited some pronouncement but to the surprise of everyone the question was never mentioned.

The Reason

It is difficult to understand the position taken up by the "bench" as the Chief Constable, the Transport Manager and other officials were present ready to give any guidance that was necessary, but the proceedings closed without even a whisper of strap-hanging. When I inquired as to the reason for the silence I could get no official explanation.

As a consequence the situation became very disconcerting. The period of grace in which strap-hanging was to be permitted expired immediately after the Magistrates meeting, and with no further guidance forthcoming, it was consequently left to the officials to take whatever action they thought necessary. It is not surprising therefore to find Chief Constable Carmichael has intimated to Mr Morrison that standing in buses must cease. The latter was no option but to abide by the law. It is presumed that efforts will be directed towards securing a byelaw under the Public Health Act, but whether this will be successful or not is very problematic. On the face of it it seems to be an attempt to get in at the back door when the front door has been slammed in one's face.

For Sale

Single oak bed with flock and wire mattress; also gramophone with records.
Apply Gardiner, Hilltown, Dundee.

Musical Services

A party from the Dundee Royal Institute for the Blind took part in two musical services of Arbroath Brotherhood in the Webster Hall on Sunday. The vocalists at the afternoon meeting were Miss Anne Gardiner and Mr Wim. Edmonds and violin solos were rendered by Mr Ronald Hall. At the evening meeting the programme was sustained by Miss Lottie Pike and Messrs T. Stewart and Wm. Edmonds, Mr John Joss presided.


Wanted for Stirling District Mental Hospital, Larbert. Salary commencing at £46 per annum with board, lodgings, laundry and uniform. Applications stating age and previous employment to be sent to the Matron with references.

L.M.S. Timetable Changes

Among L.M.S. timetable changes which will come into force on Monday are: a new train leaving Broughty Ferry at 11.12 am calling at West Ferry at 11.15 am and arriving at Dundee East at 11.21 am. The 10.10 pm Saturday train from Arbroath to Brechin will no longer have a connection at Forfar.

Cleaning Carpets

Miss M. Hart tells you how she cleans her carpets. She says no matter how old or dirty they are this will take out the dirt and bring up the colours like new.

Put into a jar one packet of soap powder, 4d worth of ammonia and one pint of boiling water. Stir well till dissolved, then get a soft cloth, wet with the mixture and rub well over the carpet. The dirt will soon disappear.

Non-Appearance in Court

A warrant was granted at Dundee Sheriff Court on Wednesday, for the appearance of Ogilvie Johnston, hiring contractor, Greenfield Place, Dundee, who failed to appear to answer charges of alleged contraventions of the Health and Unemployment Insurance Acts.

Mr C.C. Cheyne interim procurator-fiscal moved for a warrant in order to keep the case open. On 19th January, the day after the case was last called, he had written to Johnston informing him that the case would be heard on Wednesday.

Standing in Buses

The ban on standing in buses has been effectively challenged in Dundee by a man who deserves to be called a hero. Finding there was not a seat available he remained standing, and was told that he must get off. The passenger who was something of a lightening calculator, declined to do so. He had taken in the situation at a glance and discovered that while the bus was apparently full, there was actually one passenger less than the number which the vehicle was licensed to carry. Two rather stout ladies in the rear seat were "covering" the space which three passengers of normal build are supposed to occupy. The "Hero" was permitted to continue on his journey but what the corpulent ladies thought was another matter!

East of Scotland Photographic Association

A lecture sent by the Imperial Dry Plate Company entitled "Colour Rendering in Landscape" was read by Mr James Slater the Hon. Secretary at a meeting of Dundee and East of Scotland Photographic Association on Thursday night. The lecture dealt with the effect of the use of screens in conjunction with panchromatic plates, and was illustrated by lantern slides. The lecture also dealt with mistakes sometimes made and difficulties experienced when first using panchromatic plates, and explained how these mistakes could be avoided and difficulties overcome.

Grand Concert

Popular Scottish Concert Programme
Gilfillan Orchestra and Party
Wednesday 6th March inst at 7.45 pm
Gilfillan Memorial Silver Collection.