March 1954

An Experiment on Infirmary Brae

Dundee Royal InfirmarySoon there may be no more skidding on Infirmary Brae. In two or three weeks time a new process of roughening the sett-paved street will be carried out there.The operation is carried out by a machine resembling a vacuum cleaner. Its hot acetylene flame is directed on to the stones and it breaks down the polished surface. The loose top is then brushed away leaving a rough surface.

Mr William Lyall the deputy city engineer "we're trying it out on Infirmary Brae first because we get lots of complaints about it. But if it is successful we may extend it to other street.

For the Easter Wedding or Engagement

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A. Brown, 122/122A Hilltown.

Dundee Women Citizens' Association

Dundee Women Citizens' Association didn't take long to make up their minds to become a member of the association that trains guide dogs for the blind. Mrs R.W.D. Skene, Pitlour, Strathmiglo addressed the Dundee Women this week and before she left the Steeple Club she amused members by saying "I am so often asked in the street how my blind dogs are. I am getting fed up of it. I am not trying to save the sight of blind dogs".


Fully experience, required for Lietfie Farm near Alyth beginning of April; good wages and perquisites, modern house, electric light.
Apply Thomson, Netherton, By Alyth.


Houses completed in Dundee to March 6th numbered 132 - 100 by the Corporation; 28 by Scottish Special Housing Association Ltd., 4 by private enterprise.

Smokie Pie

This is our favourite egg recipe. It is easily made.

Take one medium pair of smokies, four eggs, ½pt of milk and salt and pepper. Shred smokies and remove all bones. Beat eggs and milk and season. Bake in a moderate oven for one hour or until set. Serves 4-5 persons.

West Highlands - Cottage

Near beach; modern conveniences; e.l.; attendance or without. May onwards.
Box P1285, People's Journal.

Hard of Hearing

An optician tells me of an old fellow hard of hearing who shuffled in and said he was needing new spectacles. After a few routine tests the optician quietly told an assistant to bring a pair of empty frames. When they were tried on for size the pensioner exclaimed "these are rare glasses. I can see far better already".

Game On?

Dens Park has an inch of snow and is bone hard underneath. Prospects of the game going on today (Sat 6th March) will be inspected at eight o'clock this morning.

Ice Hockey National League

Dundee Ice Rink, Kingsway West
Wednesday March 10 at 7.30 pm
Tigers v's Pirates
Seats 4/-, 3/6, 3/- and 2/6
Now booking at Ice Rink