March 1904

Jack the Ripper

Magdalen GreenWould be "Jack the Ripper" in Dundee - Robert Cunningham, bootcloser, West Port, is an undesirable kind of neighbour.On Monday night, while under the influence of liquor he appears to have had a quarrel with his wife but he gradually extended the sphere of his abuse and a neighbour named Mrs Kidd came in for a share of it. He seemed to be in quite a frenzy, and made a threatening dash at the latter. She avoided him and reported the matter to the police but when officers called they were refused admission and Cunningham continued hostilities with increased vulgar. He opened the window cursed and swore and threatened to "rip her up".

Cunningham was ordered to pay 30s or suffer 30 days' imprisonment at Dundee Police Court on Tuesday.

Irish Mare

About 17 hands, five years old, in foal. Guaranteed farm work or carting. Contact: Samson, Longforgan.

Dundee Deaf and Dumb Temperance Society

The first ordinary meeting of this newly formed Temperance Society in connection with the Dundee Mission to the Deaf and Dumb was held on Monday in the hall at Dudhope Castle.

There was a good attendance, presided over by Mr Welsh, who congratulated the meeting on the success of their new efforts. 63 members being entered in the register as total abstainers.

Jute Spinners

Piecers and shifters wanted.
Apply for information to: Miss Reid, 14 Ireland's Lane, Dundee.

Butter Connoisseurs

Try the quality we supply
R. Pullar, 212 Perth Road, Dundee

To Remove Egg Stains from a Dress

An application of soap and warm water with some rubbing should effect a removal. If after you try this the stains are still apparent buy a 6d bottle of pure benzine from the chemist and apply a little with a clean piece of sponge or flannel.

Dundee to London and Hull

The Dundee, Perth and London Shipping Company's splendid steamers will sail (weather, casualties and strikes accepted) as follows:
From Dundee - Saturday March 19th 3 pm & Wed March 23rd 5 pm
From London - Sat March 19th 2pm & Wed March 23rd 3pm
Fares - first cabin including stewards fee 2s 6d.
Return tickets available for 12 months 35s.

The Police

There was a rather amusing scene at the top of Whitehall Street. The attention of passers-by and shopkeepers was attracted to a spot by the appearance of a sergeant and six stalwart policemen. That something was wrong was apparent and ignorance of what it might be bred the idea of another Fife man hunt.

The solution was not long in coming. A flank movement on the part of the bobbies allowed them to get into close quarters with the "game" - four street urchins, who had been annoying all and sundry in the vicinity of Whitehall Street by soliciting aims. The young "uns" proved nimble and it provoked laughter to contrast the slower movements of the policemen with those of the ragged "uns".

Two of the youngsters were caught.

Glasgow East End Industrial Exhibition

Visited by over 700,000 people the last three weeks
Now open daily from 10 am to 10 pm
Fine picture gallery; women's industries; artisants; amateur photograph and interesting side-shows.

Morison Church Social Evening

A very successful concert was given in Morison Church Hall on Saturday evening. The Rev. David MacRae, had the lead part in the programme and gave a humorous reading entitled "A Leap Year Wooing" which elicited heafty laughter from the audience.

The instrumental part of the evenings entertainment was carried out by Mr W.C. Honeyman who gave a couple of violin solo's and Mr W. Peddie Petrie who also played the accompaniments. The concert concluded with a cinematograph exhibition by Mr Peter Feathers.