June 1933

Scheme To Help Dundee Royal Infirmary Funds

WellgateAlexandra Rose Day will be observed in Dundee and District today. This scheme to help the funds of Dundee Royal Infirmary was initiated last year by a committee of ladies with Mrs R.C Thomson as concern and net wiht marked success.The ladies hope this time to reap an even greater harvest. Preparations are in hand to sell roses in every ward of the city as well as in Newport, Wormit, Carnoustie, Alyth, Invergowrie and Longforgan. Fully 500 sellers have been enlisted. Arrangements are being made to hold rose Rose Days in Kirriemuir, Brechin and Cupar at later dates.

Crushing Defeat for Dundee Schoolboys

Dundee schoolboys suffered a crushing defeat in the second game of the North of Scotland Schools Football cup at Dundee losing by 7 goals to 1. As Aberdeen won the first game 5-0 their superiority is obvious.

A Real Fruit Drink...

As you drink Creamola Foam you realise you have found something that is really worth while. It is a fruit drink that sparkles like vintage champagne!  Above is  a glittering cool, white foam. Below is a long and satisfying drink with the flavour of fresh fruit.

A spoonful of its crystals, fill the glass with water, stir, and enjoy your drink of Creamola Foam.

Cooking to Perfection...

Hints our Readers have tried and tested and found of value, The newcomer to the kitchen sometimes finds that her cooking is not all that it might be. Steamed puddings - stodgy, custard - watery, even potatoes are unappetising, meat is tough and cakes unsatisfactory.

If you wish to know how to improve your cooking here are a number of useful hints which readers have tried and approved....

Sour Fruit - A pinch of baking soda and another of salt added along with the sugar, when gooseberries are being stewed, will make them much less sour.

Tender Meat -  A little vinegar added to stews makes the meat much more tender.

Banana Filling - Creamed banana will not turn dark when used as filling for sandwiches, if as soon as it is mashed a food supply of lemon juice and a spoonful of castor sugar is added.

Substitute For Eggs - One tablespoon of white vinegar and tow of milk will take the place of an egg in any kind of cake.

Fresh Sandwiches - To keep sandwiches fresh, dip a napkin or cloth in water, wring it our and cover sandwiches with the cloth.

Pie Crust - To prevent filling from soaking into pie crust, dust over the bottom crust with a mixture of flour and sugar before adding fruit or other filling.

Beat Eggs Properly - Beat eggs only slightly when they are to be used for a thickening agent as in custards and pudding sauces. Beat eggs well when they are to be used to make the food light as in sponges.

Puffer's Paradise

Everything for the smoker,
Peter McLean Ltd
57, Commercial Street, Dundee.

Beautify Your Garden

Beautify your garden by planting 100 hardy plants in eight named sorts, including Antirrhinums, Lobelia, Nemesia, Marigolds for 4/9. 50 for 2/6.
George Paton and Sons, 40 Whitehall Crescent, Dundee

Show Week Offer....

Out-sized frocks..good selection
Priced from 49/6.
Miss Mathers, 95, Nethergate, Dundee.

"Highland" Thanks Dundee

Mr Alex Murdoch, Chairman of the "Highland" directors, at the close of the show gave the "People's Journal" the following message for the citizens of Dundee:-

"I am very happy to have the opportunity of thanking the citizens of Dundee through the "Poeple's Journal" for the splendid success which they have given to the show. The support which the citizens of Dundee, its Provost, Magistrates and Officials have given us is beyond all praise. If there was dissatisfaction with the Dundee Show 43 years ago I can assure the people of Dundee that I have not heard one single word of complaint on this occasion. When the question of fixing the sit of our next show in the Perth area eight or nine years hence answers the directors can never forget all that Dundee has done for the Society in 1933.