June 1958

Bare-footed Women Wade Out To Buses

St Roques LibraryFor the second time this month torrential rain yesterday morning brought floods to the Dock Street area of Dundee. Scenes at the previous deluge on June 3 were repeated and at about the same time of the day. Thunder and lightening accompanied yesterday's hour's downpour, which started soon after 8.30am. This time it was about high tide, heightening the pressure on the drains. Dock Street was flooded in parts to nine inches, in Gellately Street cars were axle deep and Candle Lane was a river well over a foot in depth.

In Dens Road water rushing down Arklay Street incline prevented buses drawing into the side of the road. Women took off their shoes and stocking and waded to the middle of the road to board buses.

Water rose to a foot in parts of premises in Foundry Lane of John Carnegie and Sons Ltd., builders. where an auction sale of plant was taking place. Buyers arriving by car to inspect the lots could not drive up the street and early arrivals were marooned in the builders' yard until the flood subsided.

The Lonely Little Girl Speaks To Borneo

Manjit Kuar, Borneo girl who flew 8000 miles to Dundee in search of a "new heart" speaks excellent English. So Dr C.A..Allan, had the idea of tape-recording a message from Manjit for her Mum and Dad back home. The girl with the chocolate complexion and large sad eyes likes western clothes. For the recording session at Dundee Royal Infirmary she wore a red jersey, brown skirt, green blouse with blue bows for her pleated black hair. Manjit was at first shy of the tape recorder but was eventually coaxed to say a few words.

Behind the Counter Exploding Fireworks

Twenty year old Margaret McGregor, 4 Panmure Terrace, Dundee collects her evening paper from Mr "Sandy " Robertson's newsagent shop at 3 Crichton Street at the same time every afternoon. Yesterday her visit ended with her being taken to hospital. Miss McGregor was being handed her paper when it started. Fireworks underneath the counter began to explode. In no time the shop was full of "barking doggies"  and exploding squibs. The flames quickly spread to magazines, papers, postcards and the 101 things stocked in a newsagent-tobacconist's shop. The air was filled with acrid fumes and smoke which could be smelt about 300 yards away.

Miss McGregor collapsed at the feet of two men entering the shop, Mr Angus and Mr Robertson. Said Mr Angus "We got to the door when we heard a series of bangs, one after the other, and knew it was fireworks. They were coming from behind the counter in all directions". They helped carry Miss McGregor into the shop next door, partially recovered before the ambulance arrived.

Three men from the nearby Clydesdale Supply COmpany Ltd., attacked the blaze with fire extinguishers. but were unable to enter the shop because of the intense heat. Within seconds of the alarm being raised at 4.30pm a crowd of several hundred homeward bound shoppers and school children gathered, attracted by the dense smoke and the clanging bells of the four fire engines. As firemen began salvage operations a pile of burning goods was brought from the shop and thrown on to the side of the pavement. Inside the shop a white weighing machine stood out in stark relief against the blackened goods and equipment.

Miss McGregor was discharged from Dundee Royal Infirmary last night.

Tay Bridge Station Gets a Big Face Lift!

The poky entrance to Tay Bridge Station in South Union Street is a thing of the past. A modernisation is now under way. Biggest features will be an imposing booking hall and inquiry office, "in modern style" with an electric luggage hoist and phone kiosks. There will also be an extensive forecourt for vehicles.

A Nursery For Golfers

Dundee should have a whole new crop of golf enthusiasts soon, they're learning to enjoy the game at Camperdown Park's new pitch and putt course. Last Sunday nearly 250 people had a game. Players are provided with a No 7 iron, a putter and a ball and no other equipment is needed. Each of the drives in the 9-hole course are between 50 and 100 yards long. "Par" for the course in 27. The charges are:- Saturday Adults 9d Juniors 6d. Sunday Adults 1s Juniors 8d.

Golden Jubilee of the Territorial Army 1908 - 1958 (Review)

In Riverside Park Dundee on Saturday 14th June at 3.30pm.
All units of the Territorial Army in August Dundee will be inspected by Her Majesty's Lieutenant for the County of Angus and the Right Honourable The Earl of Airlie, K.T, G.C.V.O, M.C and Her Majesty's Lieutenant for the County of the City Of Dundee Lord Provost William Hughes C.B.E.

There will be over 800 troops on parade with massed Pipes and Drums 120 strong Military Band of the Fife and Forfar Yeomanry/Scottish Horse and 60 rep vehicles and guns. Best view of the parade can be had from the grass slopes below Richmond Terrace and Magdalen Yard Road.

Queen Will Board Royal Yacht in Tay

The Royal Yacht Britannia will anchor in the Tay off East Newport early on Monday afternoon. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will join her shortly before 6pm after their tour of Fife. They are due in Newport at 5.30pm and are scheduled to embark on the Royal barge at the pier at 5.43pm. They Royal anchorage will be just east of the three big tramp steamers moored at the buoys.