June 1908

Mr Churchill's Return Visit to Dundee

D.M. Brown'sThe Right Hon. Winston Churchill, M.P, President of the Board of Trade, has let it be known that he will pay his promised visit to his constituents on the last week of the present month. The Kinnaird Hall has been engaged for Thursday June 25th, when Mr Churchill will address a meeting of ladies in the afternoon and a gathering of electors at night.The Secretary of Court Admiral Duncan of the Ancient Order of Foresters recently wrote to Mr Churchill asking him to allow himself to be nominated for honorary membership. The following reply has been received:-

Board of Trade,
Whitehall Gardens,
2nd June 1908.
Dear Sir - I am much obliged by your letter of the 29th and have great pleasure in accepting your kind invitation to become an honorary  member of your society.
Yours Faithfully.
Winston Churchill.

Typhus Fever in Dundee

The outbreak off typhus fever,  has attained considerable dimensions. At a meeting of Dundee Public Health Committee on Tuesday, the Medical Officer reported upon the matter. It was stated that there were 12 cases in hospital and 21 persons accommodated in the reception house. The cases of the infection were all traceable to one source. The opinion was expressed that with the measures taken and the segregation that had been made the disease was in a fair way to being stamped out. The Committee expressed approval of the steps taken by the Medical Officer.

Open Air Concert

The third of the season's open air concerts was given in the public park on Wednesday, when St Margaret's Brass Band gave a splendid selection of music which was highly appreciated by a large and delighted audience.

Registrars' Assistant' Salaries

The Lord Provost's Committee of Dundee Town Council yesterday had before them an application from the Registrars of St Marys; St Clements and St Peter' districts for an increase in allowance made for assistants. A proposal was made that the allowance should by £30 per annum instead of £20 at present but ultimately it was agreed that  a sub-committee should consider and report on the whole matter.

Pavilion, Rosebank Street

Tonight at 8 o'clock. Prices 1d, 2d and 3d, Little Mary Easson, the child Harry Lauder and other star turns. Matinee today at 2.30pm.

Sewing Machine Sale

Sewing machines. second hand, various kinds from £30. All guaranteed five years.
Wm Whittet, Sewing Machine Maker, Castle Street, Dundee.

Workers Wanted

Turnip thinners wanted, apply West Kirkton Downfield, Monday morning at 6.

Downfield Flower Show

Flower show and sports day.
July 18th 1908
Races, jump, vault, horse, trot, piping and dancing.