June 1906

Sunday At The Museums & Reading Room

Eastern CemeteryThe various departments of the Albert Institute and Dudhope Museum were open on Sunday during the usual Sunday hours, but the advent of summer had an effect on the attendance.The Museum and Galleries were visited by 885 persons, the Reference Library and Reading Room had 460 readers and Dudhope Museum the unusually large number of 1689 visitors. Divine service on behalf of the Lifeboat Fund having been held in Dudhope Park in the afternoon, doubtless contributed to the large increase at the Museum there.

Golf Competition

Dundee "Evening Telegraph" and "Post"
Golf Trophy (Silver Cup, Value £150)
with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals
The competition will take place on Dodhead Course, Burntisland,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
July 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th
Conditions - Amateur Champion.
No Entrance Fee
Entries received at the Office, Bank Street, Dundee up to and including Monday July 23rd.

Opening Of New Dundee Church

It is now many months since the congregation of James' U.F Church, Dundee left their old premises in Bell Street and altered their name to that of Clepington U.F Church.

Since then the members have met in a temporary abode while their new church was building, but the ediface having been completed, they have obtained occupancy.

On Wednesday the new church was for the first time open as a place of public worship and on such a memorable occasion the congregation reinforced by several clerical members of the presbytery, turned out largely to hear Rev. Professor MacEwan, D.D Edinburgh.


Nairn - now ready, complete list of houses and apartments to let for the season. Full information with a plan and guide, gratis, from T.R Ramage, Nairn House Agency.

Agricultural Section

Milk cans of every description, any size, made to order at Crees, 251 Hawkhill, Dundee. Telephone 3503.

Apprentice Baker

Bakers - two apprentices (over 18 years of age) wanted for loaf bread. Apply John Love, Eastern Co-operative Society's Bakery, West Clepington Road, Dundee.

Tramway Committee Meeting

The operatives in the workshops of Dundee Tramway stations desire to be put on the same footing as the traffic staff in the matter of holidays.

Recently they have made application to this effect to the Tramway Committee. The matter was dealt with at a meeting of the committee on Wednesday, when it was decided that the workmen should receive 3 days' holiday with pay under the same conditions as were conceded to the traffic staff.

Open-Air Services

Dundee magistrates on Thursday granted several applications for the conduct of open-air Sunday services in the Public Parks.

Permission was given to the Trades' and Friendly Societies Benevolent Association to give sacred concerts in Baxter Park on the 17th June and in Dudhope Park on the 1st July on behalf of Dundee Royal Infirmary.

Sanction was given to the congregation of Bonnethill U.F Church to conduct services in Baxter Park during June, July and August. A similar application relative to Magdalen Green by Dundee U.F Presbytery per Rev. Dr Aiken was also granted.

The Tay Bridge

The engineering department of the North British Railway Company are about to take in hand the repainting of the Tay Bridge and the General Manager has issued instructions to all drivers to keep a sharp lookout and be prepared to draw up at once.

This important warning is issued for the express purpose of ensuring safety to the painters employed on this important work. Every year the North British Railway Company spends thousands of pounds in painting and keeping in thorough repair the great structures which span the Forth and Tay.

A Warm Welcome Back

Gaiety - 7th and 9th June
The favourite baritone - makes a welcome return to Dundee.