June 1931

Lucky Beekeeper

A Dundee beekeeper has had two remarkable swarms - probably the first of the Howffseason in this district. The first swarm weighed five pounds, it is estimated there are 5000 bees to the pound and the number of bees swarming was thus 25,000.The second swarm weighed only a pound less. The lucky bee keeper is Mr Thomas MacPherson, 9, St, Marys Street, Dundee.


Fruitpickers - wanted for ensuing fruit season; no children under 14 taken. Apply by letter, Manager, Grothens Farm Blairgowrie.

Tram Stopping Place

I was glad to hear Mr Caldwell at his bye-election meeting on Thursday declare in favour of the cars that now run to Seymour Street being carried on to Balgay Road.

It has always been a puzzle to people who travel on this route why the stopping place is where it is. No time would be lost if the Seymour Street cars proceeded a couple of hundred yards or so further up, as there is always a wait of several minutes at the terminus.

The extention would be a great convenience to numerous passengers who live in the upper part of Logie.

Permission Granted To Exhibitiors

Monifieth Town Coucil at their meeting this week unanimously granted the use of the East End Park to the motor club for an exhibition of motor football. At the same time resentment was expressed at the noise and speed of the cyclists who came to see the sport.

It is to be hoped for the future welfare of the sport that the culprits will desist from this annoying exhibition throughout the burgh.

Octopus Found At Newport

A cuttlefish of curious appearance, which is thought to be an octopus, was discovered on the beach at East Newport on Sunday by Robert Ramsay of Newport.

The fish was dead and had been cast up on the shore. It's body measured about 2 feet and the tentacles were 10 inches in length.

This is not the first time on which such a creature has visitied the Tay. An octopus of approximately the same dimensions was cast ashore at Barnhill, dead but in a fresh condition.

Another was found at Broughty Castle and was alive and in active health. It measured about 10 inches from tip to tip of its tentacles and was of a brick red colour. When put to swim in a pool in the rock which juts out into the river it gave a fine display of its inky "smoke screen" power on being poked with a stick.

The third was a wee fellow of about 4 inches in his greatest measurement. He was hopefully carted home by a small boy, but jam-jar life did not suit him and he ended ihis career in a garden grave.

Cheese And Cauliflower Pie

Those who have a liking for cauliflower will appreciate this way of cooking it. Try this dish for supper.
1 cauliflower
2oz grated cheese
½ pint white sauce
1 cupful breadcrumbs
Boil the cauliflower until tender, and make ½ pint white sauce in the usual way. Line a pie dish with the breadcrumbs, lay the cauliflower on top and pour over sauce, sprinkle with cheese and the remaining breadcrumbs. Bake in a hot oven until brown.

Best Pie Or Tart Recipe

Have you any good pie or tart recipes?
A lovely 21-piece tea-set is offered as a prize for the Best Recipe
There are many varieties of Pies and Tarts and I would like you all to send in your favourite recipes. Entries should be addressed to:-
c/o Aunt Kate,
"People's Journal" Office,
8, Bank Street,
Please mark envelope "Comp" and sent it to reach me not later than the first post on the 16th June. No competitors should send in more than two entries.

The Observatory

Sir - when is Dundee to get the long waited for Observatory?

Over and over again the city fathers have discussed the questions of site and of plans and decisions have been arrive at; then the whole affair slips out of sight. There is money to build and equip the Observatory and it is agreed that the city should have an up-to-date institution of the kind. So why should there be delay?

Is there some mysterious reason for blocking the Observatory? Maybe the court of session will intervine..
An Observer.

Prisoners in the Howff

A Brechin lady and her Dundee friend, showing her the ancient graves in the Howff, found themselves in the unpleasant position of being locked in one night this week.

The gates are shut each night at eight o'clock, but all unminded of the time, they walked about the graves until shortly after eight o'clock when they found themselves prisoners. Passersby naturally stopped to look and a small crowd gathered. Then some good samaritan took pity on them and while a crowd contunued to enjoy the joke, a way was found of letting them out by the Barrack Street gate.

Fine Wine

Ginger wine essence, the best and cheapest summer drink....I. Cummings, Reform Street, Dundee.