July 1957

Jimmy Shand to Live in Fife

YMCAJimmy Shand, 49 year old accordion genius, who retired indefinitely from the big time three months ago on medical advice, is quitting Dundee for good. Soon he and his wife and two sons will move to a hillside villa in the Fife countryside, half a mile from Auchtermuchty.Already the Shand home at 16 Sutherland Street has been advertised for sale. What has decided him to change his address to Braidleys, Auchtermuchty?
"There's no story about it" said Wymyss-born Jimmy, the shy showman, yesterday. " It's just that I've always wanted to live in the country, and we'll be very pleased to get back to the quiet life"
"We'll be sorry to leave here right enough" chipped in Mrs Shand. "We've made a lot of friends."

Jimmy's last official appearance was on April 26. Now he is bronzed and fit-looking. The only times he has played since then were when he gave a concert at Baldovan Institute and when he played with his old band at the wedding of the son of the pianist.

Dundee has Over 1½ ins. of Rain

Rall fell heavily in Dundee yesterday evening causing some flooding. For the 24 hours ending 10a.m., rain measure 82 inch then up to 10p.m. a further 73 inch.

The fire brigade's emergency tender was called to the public-houses in 157, Seagate. A drain was unable to cope with the downpur and firemen found about a foot and a half of water in the cellar. Although several empty cases were floating about there was no damage to stock. When the rain eased off firemen cleared the drain.

The tunnel at St Vincent Street, Broughty Ferry, was flooded. A motorist tried to drive through and stuck. Passerby came to his assistance, however, and once the engine dried out he proceeded on his way.

Runaway Pole Seeks Safety in Dundee

A Polish fisherman who ran away from an Aberdeen hospital on Friday is held in custody by Dundee pending inquiries. He is 30-year old Franciszek Mroz, who was on board a fishing boat which called at Aberdeen when he was taken ill. He was transferred to hospital there. Ten days later he left and made for the Polish Ex- Servicemen's Club in Dundee. He travelled by train.

As soon as he arrived Mr M. Wagner, Steward of the club, contacted the police. He was left in Mr Wagner's custody until Saturday, when two policemen took Mroz to the police station. While Mroz was at the club Mr Wagner discovered that he wished to be given political asylum. "Mroz had been in Germany during the war, and since then the Polish Communists had been trying to trace him. "Mroz felt if he didn't try to make a break while he had the opportunity he might be arrested." said Mr Wagner "They are making life difficult for him"

Mroz told him he had a wife and two children, in Poland, and he had no idea what would happen to them. Mr Wagner could think of no reason why Mroz chose to seek political asylum in Dundee, but he might have  heard of the large Polish community in the city. "I hope he will be granted asylum in this country. He is willing to do anything - work on a farm or in a factory"

There are more than 100 members of Dundee Polish Ex- Servicemen's Club. Most came to this country during the war, Mr Wagner was among the first , arriving in June 1940.

Decisive Day For Jute

A meeting which may have far-reaching effects on the future of the British Jute manufacturing industry takes place in the commons today.

Lord Provost William Hughes, Dundee and representatives of employers and employees left Dundee last night at the call of the government. They are to be meet Sir David Eccles, President of the Board of Trade, Mr J. S Maclay, Scottish Secretary, and the Minister of Labour (Mr Iain Macleod) or his Parliamentary Secretary, regarding the Government's proposals for the jute trade.

Billy Smart's Circus

Lat four days in Dundee at Riverside Park
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Speedy Developing and Printing

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Butler or Tablesman

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