July 1954

The School is Thrilled About It!

Wellgate 1951Downfield Primary School has brought off a "double" in sports this year. Their football team won the junior sports cup and were runners up for the A.C. Little cup.The girls were awarded the Kennedy Trophy for netball and were runners-up in the league championship.

The whole school is thrilled with its success. This is the first time Downfield School has won both cups in the same year. Miss B. Sinclair was netball coach and Mr T. Clark trained the boys.

Queen Mother's Thanks

Appreciation of arrangements for the freedom ceremony in Dundee was contained in two letters read to the Town Council on Thursday.

One was from Clarence House, date 28th June. It said

"My Dear Lord Provost", I have been commanded by the Queen Mother to express again to you her Majesty's very warm thanks for the great welcome which she received in Dundee last Wednesday.

"I am to tell you, too, how delighted Her Majesty was with the most beautiful enamel box which will be a treasured reminder of a very happy occasion".

It was signed by Murray St Clair, Equerry to the Queen Mother.

The other, also addressed to Lord Provost Hughes, was from Major-General Neil McMicking, Colonel of the Black Watch, East Ferry, Dunkeld.

It said - the ties between our regiment and Dundee have certainly been very close for three generations, but this latest ceremony has made them even closer. With very sincere thanks from us all.

Salad Dishes

Whether enjoyed at home or in a well packed lunch box. Choose:- lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, cress, radish etc.
from W.E. Dryden, 23 Victoria Road, 14-16 Castle Street and 14-16 Arbroath Road.

British Deaf and Dumb Association

Members of Dundee branch of the British Deaf and Dumb Association held their annual bus outing last Saturday to Braemar and after lunch visited Crathie Castle. At Aberdeen, after tea, the members of Aberdeen branch held a welcome evening for the Dundee party, and a return visit from Aberdeen has been assured.

Outlook Juicy

Dundee housewives should be able to hang "full up" signs on their jam cupboard before long. A bumper crop of soft fruits is on its way. And for the first time since 1939 there's sugar galore. Said one grower, "We've never seen a better crop. Folk may grumble about the weather but its ideal for fruit.

Strawberries were selling at 3s 6d a pound last week. Already they are down to 2s 6d. Now we want a lot of sun to ripen the berries. The plum, apple and pear harvest also promises to be the best for years.

Geoffrey Wilson Offers

Steak mince pies with a difference, shortcut pastry, delicious eaten cold, 6d each
179 Overgate, Dundee (only address)


Four-berth, two compartment, fully equipped; St Combs; vacant from August 14. Apply Box 69, People's Journal.

Do You Carry an Umbrella?

A London girl on holiday in Dundee was surprised that so few local girls carry an umbrella. Even on a really sunny day in London many girls carry a rolled umbrella.

She complains that all the men she passes stare at her umbrella, but none of them give her a second look.

Perm Demonstration

A demonstration of how to use a Pin-Up Home Perm was given to 50 women in the Royal Hotel on Wednesday.

Mr J.R. MacGovern, London, personal assistant of Miss Jane Lindsay, of the Pin-Up Advisory Bureau, showed how easy it was to cut, style and perm hair by this method.

Her model was Miss Pat Fisken of Station Road, Invergowrie.

One of the tips she gave was - the higher the parting the slimmer it makes your face look.

What's On Tonight - Cinema

La Scala - "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"
Adapted from the fairytale by the brothers Grimm. Walt Disney has brought into this picture a touch as magic as any of the spells we see in it. Three years work and £300,000 went into the making of the film. Five hundred and seventy artists worked on it, making over 2,500,000 separate coloured drawings.
Showing at 1.55; 4.20; 6.45; 9.10 (A).