July 1929

32-seater Buses

Royal ArchThe purchase of eight 32-seater buses of the Leyland Lion type was on Thursday recommended by a transport sub-committee of the Town Council. Each bus will cost £1356 10s. The first can be delivered in 15 weeks, and two each week afterwards. The buses at present run by the Corporation are 29-seaters.

Duchess of York in Dundee - Off to London

The Duchess of York travelled with the 8.50 train from Dundee Tay Bridge Station on Sunday night for King's Cross, London. Few of the general public were aware of the event, the crowd which gathered round the station entrance numbering only about 30. There was no demo of any kind.

On stepping from the car which had conveyed the party from Glamis the Duchess was greeted by Mr James Henderson, stationmaster, who, after shaking hands, accompanied the Royal traveller to her compartment.

Platform tickets had not been issued, and few other than ordinary passengers were in the station. As the train steamed out the Duchess raised the blind of her compartment and waved to the handful of people who had congregated. Other members of the party were the Master of Glamis, the Hon J. Bowes Lyon, and Lady Helen Graham, Lady-in-waiting to the Duchess.

Every effort had been made to make the departure as quiet as possible, and her name did not appear on the passenger list.

50 Million Lemons

Are used yearly to make Eiffel Tower lemonade - the perfect drink for hot weather. It is so cooling, so refreshing and invigorating as well as being the greatest thirst-quencher known.

Another important point is its economy in use. It costs very much less than squashes sold in bottles and is very much more economical than anything you can make yourself in addition to being far less trouble to prepare.
Eiffel Tower Lemonade

Speed Meeting

Dundee Western Motor Club officials deserved to be complimented upon the highly efficient manner in which they conducted the first of their open speed meetings held recently on Monifieth sands. Despite the large programme which was prepared, the officials, and especially the much-worked secretary, made valiant efforts to ensure the rapid sequence of events. It was only a pity that a better method was not chosen to communicate the results of the various races to the record "gallery".

High School Cadet Corps in Camp - Sports Day

The Dundee High School Cadet Corps which is at present in camp at Cortachy, held their sports on Wednesday afternoon before a large crowd of interested spectators.

A large and varied programme of events was carried through, the outstanding items of which were a cinderalla race, pussyfoot race, reveille race, four-legged race, inter-platoon tug o' war, tent-pitching, and a competition for the best-dressed trained cadet and the best-dressed recruit.

All ranks are enjoying themselves thoroughly, and are already showing evidence of the benefits of life under canvas.

Police Career

Young men physically fit should join the police
Study at home in your spare time. We have a special course for entrance and promotion. One shilling per week brings success. Full particulars free; or advice about other careers.

Dundee Directory

The 1929-30 issue of the familiar red covered Dundee Directory has made its appearance in the city.

Arranged on the same lines as in previous years, the directory contains a wealth of information which makes it indispensable to every business house. During the past year over 9,000 removals have taken place in the city, and in consequence the general directory shows a big number of changes.

The issue is equipped with an excellent map of the city and suburbs. The publishers are Burns and Harris Ltd.

How to Banish Crow's Feet

How to get rid of wrinkles is a problem many of us are faced with. Try this paste recommended by Mrs McCarthy, which she says is excellent for the purpose.

Use the white of an egg, double its quantity of rosewater, and a quarter of a teaspoon of alum. Beat the white of egg, then add the other ingredients and keep the paste in a tightly corked jar. Massage lightly round the eyes each night before retiring, until the tiny lines have disappeared.

Staff Outing

The staff of William Hunter & Co Ltd., Wellgate, and their friends had an enjoyable annual outing on Wednesday afternoon. Four charabancs conveyed the party to Kinloch-Rannoch via Blairgowrie, Dunkeld, Pitlochry, and Loch Tummel, returning by Coshieville and Aberfeldy. Tea was served at Kinloch-Rannoch. The directors of the firm received a hearty vote of thanks as a mark of appreciation of their generosity in connection with the trip.

Not his First Offence

Charged with being found drunk and incapable, a small, respectable-looking man was led into the dock. He seemed to feel his position keenly "have you ever been in trouble before?" asked the Magistrate.

"Yes, sir", the prisoner replied, "I was once fined a penny for keeping a library book over the stipulated time".