January 1954

Pat on the back for "Clippies"

Tranms"Dundee's clippies are doing a good job of work. They quite come up to our expectations", said Mr W.L. Russell, Transport Manager, this week. There are now 37 conductresses operating on various bus routes. Many of them had previous experience, and those who didn't have learned quickly. The department's shortage has now been met, although the "Market is still open", as Mr Russell put it, for drivers, conductors and clippies.

Eager Readers

Is this a record in library attendance? Billy (8) and David (12) Morrison, Reform Street have visited Dundee Central Junior Library five days a week for the past two years. They come home from school for tea, go directly to the library and read till closing time (7.30 pm).

Good - and Bad

Immediate prospects are good, but the long-term outlook is causing anxiety. This sums up the views of Tayside shipbuilding chiefs.

The Caledon yard faces the new year with twelve vessels on its order book. These include the 4,950-ton motor tramp Temple Hall, which is fitted out and the 6,200-ton cargo line Swiftpool, to be launched this month.

Cheer Heard All Over Britain

BBC listeners heard the New Year ushered in at Dundee. The crowd in the square swelled from 500 at 9 pm to about 5,000 by midnight. Entertainment had been non-stop from midday.

Small groups of revellers equipped with paper hats and squeakers danced in various parts of the square as the Caledonian Pipe Band marched to and fro in front of the Caird Hall steps.

As the last 10 minutes before midnight were being broadcast, speeches had to be short. Rev Hugh O. Douglas introduced Lord Provost Black. A benediction was given by Rev Douglas, ending a minute before midnight. After that the crowd whistled, shouted and sang until the chimes of the Old Steeple were heard.

There was a mighty cheer. A rocket blazed up from the Caird Hall roof - and it was all over save the "First-footing".

Pies, Bridies, Pasties & Sausage Rolls

Wallace "Land o' Cakes", 8 Crichton Street, and branches.

A Record

Over the G.P.O. Christmas/New Year period a record number of 2,389,475 letters and cards were posted in the city, an increase of 190,229 over 1952.

New Builds

Houses erected in Dundee since the war now total 5,381.

Keeps Away the Cold

Recently roadmen were working near our house. One very wet day I said to the men did they not contract very bad colds working in the rain and being soaked every day. They said - "no, never". They explained they were working with tar which prevented them taking colds. I've been wondering if it would be a good idea to install a barrel of tar in the corner of my living room as I have a perpetual cough. Could this really be true - Mrs Morrison


The corporation Parks Committee will soon visit Camperdown to decide how to make the park attractive. A worker there suggests going ahead with a golf course and convert the mansionhouse into a first-class club with accommodation for visitors to stay for weekends & c. Seems a good suggestion to me. Dundee could do with another golf course, especially for those in the west end.

What's On Tonight - Cinema

Odeon - Way of a Gaucho / The Glory Brigade
Empire - Hans Christian Andersen and the Dancer
La Scala - Raiders of the Seven Seas
Forest Park - The Desert Song
Princess - Bagdad
Plaza - Young Bess
Playhouse - From Here to Eternity
Kinnaird - The Story of Gilbert and Sullivan