February 1904

The Maryfield Prisoner Departs for Peterhead

Mains CastlePeter Low, who was sentenced to 10 years' penal servitude for a murderous assault in a Maryfield villa, was removed from Dundee to Peterhead on Saturday morning. Attired in convict garb, Low looked pale and rather agitated, but paid no heed to the people around.

Outbreak of Fire in Castle Street

About half-past ten last night fire broke out in the premises at 38 Castle Street occupied by Messrs Spence and Downie, shop outfitters. The Brigade, under Firemaster Weir, was promptly on the scene, and by means of a single jet of water quickly subdued the flames. The shop in which the outbreak occurred is situated in a three-storey tenement, and the tenants thereof were for a time in a state of great alarm.

The Great Mid-Winter Sale

At Draffen and Jarvie's is proceeding daily
Special sale catalogues post free
Whitehall Street and Nethergate, Dundee.

Young Lady

Wanted to learn sales and make herself useful.
Apply Miss McIntosh, 123 Hawkhill.

Infectious Diseases

The number of cases of infectious diseases reported to the Dundee authorities as occurring in the city in January was 280. Of these 178 were cases of measles and 63 whooping cough.

For Draughty Outhouses

The following is a very good device for repairing a draughty outhouse at little cost. Suppose one was going to repair an outhouse of the following dimensions - height 8ft, length 6ft, breadth 4ft. Get strips of packing cloth 7ft long x 2ft broad - any old potato sacks will do - and also some flour paste and some sawdust. Spread the cloth on any flat surface - the kitchen floor say - and apply a good coating of paste. Next take the sawdust and scatter it liberally over the paste. Stretch the cloth across two chair-backs to dry. When dry the strip will have become pliable planks, which are then nailed on the inside of the house.

Of course, these strips can be of whatever length and breadth best suits the purpose in view, but no better means can be found of effectually shutting off draughts.

A School for Drunken Women

Jemima Douglas or Kiddie pleaded as an excuse in Dundee Sheriff Court on Monday for stealing a shirt from the doorway of a draper's shop in Wellgate, that she was forced by poverty to commit the theft, but Sheriff Campbell Smith did not believe that story, and pointed out to her that she did not have the appearance of one who had come through a very severe fast from meat or drink.

In reply to his Lordship's questions, she subsequently admitted that she had had two "haufs" and a drink of ale on Saturday. The Sheriff alluding to a previous conviction against her, said that on that occasion she had received an excellent education for drunken women for 30 days, but she was hardly 30 days out when she again risked her liberty for the sake of it. He would give her another chance. Her sentence would be a fine of 21s, or 21 days' imprisonment, and if her husband wearied for her - of this his Lordship was very doubtful - he could get her whenever he cared to pay the money.

Broughty Ladies' Golf Club

Silver inkstand competition.
Entries to be sent to Match Secretary not later than 11th February.

Whist Parties

Ladies' afternoon whist parties are all the vogue in the suburbs just now. One afternoon this week there were no fewer than three of these gatherings in one suburban district. It is not unusual for a lady to have as many as four such engagements in one week.

Corporation Concert in Drill Hall

The Corporation Concert in the Drill Hall was again well patronised on Saturday. The band of the Fife and Forfar Imperial Yeomanry, under Bandmaster George Stewart, supplied the instrumental music. The programme included some well-known pieces, amongst which was "Hypatia" which has sprung into great popularity. The effect was heightened by the introduction of six boys from the Baldovan Industrial School, who sang the vocal parts of the piece.