January 1935

Welcoming 1935 (from the Bellman's Budget Page)

Albert SquareA huge crowd gathered in the City Square on Hogmanay to greet 1935, but nobody knew the exact moment when 1934 finished and the New Year began. No bells chiming the hour of midnight could be heard, and all the sirens were silent. The result was that in various parts of the crowd the coming of the New Year was welcomed at different times, and welcomed in comparative silence. If the sound of bells striking midnight had been heard there would have been a unanimous cheer from one of the biggest crowds ever assembled in City Square. Here is an opportunity for a Dundee radio dealer to render a public service next Hogmanay by amplifying Big Ben at midnight to the waiting crowd.

Dundee Harriers to Defend Title

Dundee Thistle Harriers are sending a team through to Edinburgh today to take part in the Edinburgh to Glasgow race. They will be competing against 19 other teams, representative of the leading Scottish clubs. The Dundee club won this event last year, and today's team, which includes four members who are making their debut in important road events, is in excellent trim for the race.

The newcomers are: A. Donnet, A. Whitecross, P. Quinn and B. Ewan, while the other members of the team are W.D. Slidders, D. Gowans, D. Coburn and A. Hay.

Dundee Fencing Contest

An attraction for fencing enthusiasts will be staged at the gymnasium, Ward Road, Dundee, today, when teams representing West of Scotland, Aberdeen University and Dundee Ladies' Club will compete.

Dundee Ladies, who are instructed by Mr George McDowell, will be represented by Miss Couttie, Miss Scott, Miss Robbie and Miss Hamilton, the tournament starts at one o'clock.

Bridge Over the Tay at Newburgh

A suggestion that a bridge should be built over the Tay near Newburgh and thus put Dundee on the main road to the north and south was put forward by Sir Herbert Ogilvie, Bart., of Baldovan House, when Dundee District Sub-Committee of the County Road Board met in old City Chambers, Dundee, yesterday.

Sir Herbert put forward this proposal as a natural sequel to the road bridge at Kincardine, which was to cost much less that the proposed bridge at Queensferry. Sir Herbert stated in an interview that the cost of such a bridge, built at Newburgh or at some point where the river was narrow, would not be so great, for the Ministry of Transport would give a grant of 75 per cent. The remaining quarter of the cost would be borne by the Fife and Perth County Councils, with perhaps a smaller contribution from Angus County Council, which would derive benefit from such a scheme.

Fife County Council was already making approaches from the main roads to the north side of the Kincardine Bridge, and it would be equally easy to make approaches form the main Fife roads to the south side of a bridge built near Newburgh. The approaches from the north side of such a bridge to the Dundee-Perth road could be tackled by the Perthshire County Council. The making of a first class road on the north side of the river would place Errol village on the main road. There would be considerable saving in the mileage of motor traffic on this route to the north and to the south, and Dundee would benefit, as Perth would not be on this route. It would also result in the Kingsway developing into a most important highway.

Rolled Oat Bannocks

A toothsome delicacy
An excellent food
"Land O' Cakes"
Rolled Oat Bannocks
Packed in tin so that they may reach
Your table "oven fresh"
Per tin 6D.
J.M. Wallace and Sons, Stobswell Bakery, Dundee.

Crematorium to be Built in Dundee

Practical steps have been taken for the establishment of a crematorium in Dundee. A site has been provisionally fixed on a piece of ground adjoining Kingsway West, near Camperdown Gates.

Plans of the proposed building have been drawn up by Mr T.Lindsay Gray, architect, and a private company is to be formed. Once the company has been formed schedules will be prepared for intending shareholders. Messrs David Duncan and Son, solicitors, are acting as secretaries for the project.

Caird Hall, Dundee

6.40 For five days only 8.50
Twice nightly commencing Tuesday 29th Jan.
Tremendous pantomime Success from the Empire Theatre, Glasgow
"Simple Simon"
Tommy Morgan
Prices from 7d to 2/6.

Below Aberdeen

Although 925 new cars were registered in Dundee last year as against the national average of 700, the city has still a long way to go before it can hope to overtake Aberdeen. The Granite City has a lead of more than 3000 since registrations came into force, in spite of the fact that the population of the two cities are almost the same.