January 1985

Sports Clinic Opening

WellgateThe Sports Injury Clinic within the Dundee Leisure Centre will be officially opened on Monday, January 28. This new facility for sportsmen and women will be manned by specialists, including Doctors and Physiotherapists.Minor clubs are delighted about the clinic, feeling it will be a real boost in helping their members back in action as quickly as possible following injury. As reported previously in the "Journal", Eric Ferguson, Dundee F.C. Physio, will be nominally in charge of the clinic and Bill Ramsay, injury expert with Dundee United, will play a leading role too. Interested parties are likely to be invited to the opening ceremony.

The Big Question Over Dundee's Buses

What will happen to Dundee's city bus service if Government legislation allows a local transport "free for all"? Nobody knows for certain what the new bill will contain - but there are many in public transport circles who are worried and feel that Dundee commuters out to be concerned too.

One idea to make the local authority services - the so called "corporation buses" - into private limited companies, seems a distinct possibility. From there it's not difficult to envisage a situation whereby the city fleet operators would have to tender for routes against other private companies. This could result in possible loss of jobs amongst transport department staff and of service to the public on less profitable routes.

For a long time now the Government have been concerned about the level of subsidy paid to bus services, and they've also expressed hope that, in case of loss-making operations, some of the burden could be taken from the rate-payers, too.

But many M.P.s and local Councillors have recognised that while certain bus routes will never pay, they remain vital to a community's survival. A route-by-route "auction" of Dundee's city bus services poses all sorts of questions.

For instance, busy runs to areas of low car ownership - like Whitfield - could well be profitable and attractive to operators. But there are many more regular routes across the city which patently don't pay and never will - welcome as they are by a significant number of travellers.

Loss of routes to local authority "ownership" could be serious in job terms. The need for fewer vehicles and fewer drivers, though some would be absorbed by companies who'd successfully tendered for a route, is one question mark over the forthcoming legislation.

For the public point of view, however, the potential loss of thinly used bus services must be a major concern. Local authority transport has often been accused of charging too-high fares on routes busy enough to be profit making. Officials might reply that these help to subsidise other routes which can't even come close to breaking even.

Older people in the city, especially those who'll never aspire to car-owner-ship, would be first to feel the pinch in any cut in city services. But the new set-up may well dictate that profitability and not "social service" is what the buses should be all about.

Lately it's been claimed by a bus operator in Dundee that undercutting by the transport department cost business and jobs. Sooner or later the municipal fleet could suffer its casualties too.

Match Mascot

Dundee's mascot for the game against Ranges tomorrow (Saturday) is 11-year-old Darren Patterson, a pupil at Kirkton High School. He predicts a 2-1 win for the Dark Blues. The home fans will be hoping Darren is a good forecaster.


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Jaspers Discotheque
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Fall' Toll

The weekend was a particularly bad spell in Dundee for injuries sustained in falls during icy conditions. No fewer than 40 people ended up in hospital after mishaps, several suffering broken bones. This week's D.R.I's Accident and Emergency Unit said the position had improved, but it was noted that the conditions had become softer, with rain shifting much of the snow by Thursday.

Bright Tips

Frost Free - On a frosty night, polystyrene trays from apple boxes are handy to put behind plant pots on a windowsill. They keep the plants from getting frosted and nobody sees them behind the curtains. Mrs G.Grant.

Dundee's Swap Deal

Dundee have swapped Colin Harris for Hibs' Graeme Harvey, but no money changed hands between the clubs. Harris, a prolific scorer with Raith Rovers, was one of manager Archie Knox's early signings when he took over at Dens. But the bit striker has not been a great success at Dens. Harvey has been in and out of the Hibs' team since joining them in 1983 from Ormiston Primrose. He has been a regular scorer in the reserves this season.