February 1953

Dundee's Busy Week-end on Sandbags

Sack-stitcher's prompt answer in flood emergency - jute trade earns Government thanks.

Hundreds of employees, mostly women, will work overtime today and tomorrow and all next week in sack-sewing facts in Dundee and district.

They are answering the Government's emergency call for four and a half million sandbags for the flooded areas of England.

All Britain's sack-sewing machinists, of which 64% is centred on Dundee, swung into full-scale sandbag production. All other work was dropped.

There Has Never Been A Storm Like It

Hundreds have drowned and whole towns been ruined in the fury of high seas and the hurricane that swept Scotland, the East Coast of England, and Holland at the weekend.

It is a disaster that has no parallel. Relief is on a national scale, and work goes ahead to repair the breaches in sea and river defences as quickly as possible.

Coronation Souvenirs

Many Dundee shops are already well stocked with Coronation souvenirs.

Here are a few samples:-

    * small ashtray decorated with a crown motif
    * statuette of the Queen
    * teacloth in Irish linen stamped with a Coronation design
    * Coronation pocket-knives and pencils. Some shops are already sold out of them.

Union Jacks on long poles are selling at 6s 11d. For smaller flags prices range from 3s to 4s 6d. Scottish Standards are scarce meantime.


Draffens Ltd have a few vacancies for well-educated girls and boys (age 15-17 years) to serve an apprenticeship in the store; sound training assured; generous wage. Saturday half holiday. Applications to Staff Director.

Census Puts Dundee Total at 177,340

The 1951 census report on Dundee, out today, shows that in 20 years the city had a natural increase in population of 15,507, but most of that gain had been lost through movements out of the city.

From 1931 to 1951 there were 64,080 births and 48,573 deaths in the city.

Dundee's population on April 8th 1951 was 177,340, an increase of 1,755 over the previous census in 1931.

It is estimated that Scotland lost 220,000 person between 1931 and 1951, partly to England & Wales and partly to countries overseas.

You'll Go Far

Before you find a more charming and comfortable restaurant than the Cafe Val D'or. Its reputation, however rests chiefly on the excellence of its cuisine, as the reputation of all high-class restaurants should.
Cafe Val D'or, City Square, Dundee.


If you wear spectacles with plastic frames you can rim the frames with nail varnish to match your colour schemes or make-up. Apply the nail varnish and leave overnight to dry. Wipe off the varnish with remover.

Dickson's Holiday Tours

12 days' Paris Tour staying 6 days in Paris
Inclusive fare £42 10s 0d
76 Nethergate

When Dundee Had Its Own Mint

Members of the Dundee Branch of the Institute of Bankers were told last night by Mr J Renilson, National Bank, Edinburgh, that Dundee once had its own mint.

Mr Renilson was giving a talk on Scottish coinage in the Institute Rooms, and illustrated his remarks by showing specimens of early Scottish coinage.

The earliest coins struck in Scotland were in the reign of David I in the 12th century and the last in 1709. In the reign of Robert II, Scottish mints were in Edinburgh, Perth and Dundee. Examples of coins struck in Dundee are very rare, and consisted of groats, half-groats, silver pennies and half-pennies.

What's On Tonight - Cinema

La Scala - The Highwayman - Philip Friend, Charles Coburn, Wanda Hendrix.
Gaumont - Made in Heaven - David Tomlinson, Petula Clark.
Kinnaird - Full House - Charles Laughton, David Wayne, Richard Widmark.
Greens - Father's Doing Fine - Richard Attenborough, Heather Thatcher.
Royal - The Quiet Man - John Wayne.
Regent - Singing in the Rain - Gene Kelly.
Empire - Monkey Business - Cary Grant, Marilyn Monroe.
Princess - Ellen - Betsy Drake, Robert Young.
Forest Park - Task Force - Gary Cooper, Jane Wyatt.
Gray's - Red Ball Express - Jeff Chandler.
Rialto - Skirts Ahoy - Esther Williams, Joan Evans.
Astoria - Feudin Fools - Leo Gorcey and the Bowery Boys.
Odeon - The Happiest Days of your Life - Alastair Sim, Margaret Rutherford.