December 1954

Angus Would Like to Give the Baby a Present

Arbroath RoadWho gave Angus McKelvie a christening piece on Sunday night? That's what Angus himself wants to know.When two women, one carrying a baby, came up to him in Ann Street, Dundee and handed him a parcel, Angus thought there was some mistake. It seemed to him that they said something about "Christmas", but the women just wouldn't take the parcel back. Angus opened it when he got home and found a 2s piece, a slice of cake, a sandwich, several biscuits and a bar of chocolate. His mother knew what it was right away - a christening piece. Angus, a sixteen year old apprentice engineer with Halley Bros., had never heard of this old custom, so he didn't know that the person who gets a "piece" generally gives the new baby a small present. Now he would like to fulfil his part of the custom.

So, would the two women who met Angus on Sunday evening please get in touch with his mother Mrs Vandort, 141 Ann Street? Angus will be much happier if they do.

Dog of the Week

It is difficult for a four month old puppy to find his way back home once he is lost. Black and white smoothed-hair terrier Bobby (as the kennelman calls him) was so confused by the traffic and hurrying crowds that he just sat down in a busy city street and refused to budge.

A policeman "booked" him and "Bobby" was put in a nice warm cell at Allan Street Kennels of the Dundee Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. He's been there two weeks - unwanted.

If you think Bobby would fit into your family circle write to:-
D.S.P.C.A, Dock Street, Dundee or Telephone 2940.

Film Review

"Rear Window" at the Playhouse - James Stewart, Grace Kelly, Wendell Corey. Director Alfred Hitchcock provides cinemagoers with another tense time.

This is a gripping thriller of a temporarily crippled cameraman who spends most of his time looking out his bedroom window. Studying his neighbours activities relieves the monotony for him. But his window gazing leads to him becoming involved in a murder.

Christmas Posting Dates

The following are the latest dates on which mail will be sent from London to reach its destination for Christmas. A few days should be allowed for transit to London:-

Monday 6th December:- Norway (surface).
Wednesday 8th December:- Maderia (surface).
Friday 10th December:- Australia (Airmail), Canada (air-mail), China (airmail), Europe except Iceland & Norway (surface), Indonesia (airmail), New Zealand (airmail).
Saturday 11th December:- Burma (airmail), Egypt (airmail), Japan (airmail), Norway (airmail), Philippines (airmail), Tangier (surface).

Orange Fruit Cakes

6 oz flour
10 oz ground almonds
3 oz orange peel
2 oz currants
4 oz sultanas
3 oz castor sugar
8 oz butter or marg
Half teaspoon baking soda
1 egg
A few almonds
Rind and juice of one large orange

Sieve the flour and the baking powder, beat the sugar and the butter till light and creamy, add the orange peel, then gradually stir in the flour mixture then add the fruit, ground almonds, egg and orange juice. Mix well and turn into patty tins or paper cases, sprinkle top with almonds and bake in a quick oven for 20 minutes.

Thrify Joint Tips

Many women may not know that they are losing half the flavour and tenderness of the weekend joint by cooking it too soon, particularly if they are Saturday shoppers.

If you want to get the best value for your money:-
NEVER put meat which needs thawing into the oven either to cook or to thaw.
NEVER put meat into boiling water. There is no short cut to thawing meat without toughening the meat.
NEVER leave meat in the wrapping paper. It should be exposed to cool circulating air to keep fresh.
DO put the meat in a cool airy larder till every bit of ice has thawed and the meat looks fairly dry.
DO shop early if you intend to buy imported meat, so it has time to thaw completely before cooking.
DO ask your butcher for advice.

News in a Nutshell

Sing and collect after the 17th. Dundee magistrates decided on Wednesday there must be no Christmas carol singing (with street collections) before December 17th. Before that would be "too early".

Threw out her Christmas Tree

We had a Christmas tree last year complete with roots. Instead of throwing it out I planted it in our garden. A friend said that it is considered to be unlucky to replant trees. She could give me no reason for this superstition, but to be on the safe side I pulled it up. Can anyone tell me what the superstition is?

The Autumn Cup

Dundee Ice Rink, Kingsway West Telephone 85222
Ice Hockey - The Autumn Cup
Wednesday 8th December at 7.30pm
Dundee Tigers v's Dunfermline Vikings
Seats 4/-, 3/6, 3/- and 2/6.

Holiday Talk

An interesting talk was given by Mr and Mrs David Gowans on their recent holiday in America and Canada at an "open" night organised by the Women's Guild of St Rule's Church, Monifieth to include ladies of the South Church and Panmure Church Guilds.