December 1928

Fell into Dock

DownfieldFrederick Mitchell (13), 46 Hillbank Road, while walking along the side of Camperdown Dock on Sunday, slipped and fell into the water. He was able to pull himself on to a raft of logs by means of a rope and climb the latter on to the quayside. After being given a hot bath at Camperdown Dockgate house he went home little the worse of his immersion.

Donkey's Night Out at Lochee - Early Morning Capture

An extraordinary incident took place at an early hour of the morning in High Street, Lochee. A donkey, having a night out, suddenly made its appearance in the street near the Freemasons Hall.

The efforts of the constables on duty to effect a capture were not altogether to his liking. "Neddy" was not to be tempted, and he gave the "Bobbies" a run for their money before he was at last secured.

With a little coaxing "Neddy", who proved to be fond of a "fag", was taken before the constable in charge at the South Road Police Station.

There he was given quarters until inquiries were made regarding his owners.

After communicating with the Central Police Station it was found that he belonged to Whitelawson Farm.

It transpired that someone had left a gate open, and "Neddy", taking the chance, broke away and made for Lochee by the way of Gourdie Brae and Liff Road.

Poor Bairns and Christmas - Salvation Army Appeal

Kindly accept our thanks on behalf of the poor old folk and poor bairns whom in the past years we have been able to help through your kindness and the generosity of your readers.

May we again appeal for assistance to give to the poor and cheerless at this time of goodwill and festivity.

Gifts of money or any useful article such as coals, tea, sugar, milk, clothes, or toys for poor children will be gratefully received (or called for).

See our Christmas Show

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Scooters from 4/-
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Roller Skates 3/6
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Cakes for Christmas Parties 

Your recipe may win a prize
If you have any specially nice recipes for small fancy cakes or large cakes suitable for parties send them along. What I want is your own original recipes.

For what I consider the best recipes which I receive I shall award:-
1st Prize - 7/6
2nd Prize- a chubby umbrella
and several lovely consolation prizes for the next in order of merit. Entries should be addressed to "Christmas Cakes". No competitor should sent in more than two recipes.

Motor Cyclist Charged - Collision Sequel

A collision between a motor car and a motor cycle, the car being overturned and the occupants thrown out, was responsible for the appearance of the motor cyclist, Mr M, assistant foreman, Liff Road, Lochee, before Sheriff Malcolm at Dundee on Thursday.

He pleaded not guilty to having on Monday 24th September, at the junction of the Dundee-Coupar Road and Gourdie Road, in the parish of Liff and Benvie, driven a motor bicycle recklessly.

A fine of £4 was imposed.

The Observatory

The long-looked for observatory looks like taking shape at last. The chosen site is on the west side of Balgay Hill. The aim of the trustees is to set aside a sum sufficient to maintain the observatory without cost to the ratepayers, an important question in view of the white elephants we have been left with.

After allowing for the purchase of the telescope and earmarking something like £5,000 for maintenance a sum of about £2,500 is left for building the actual observatory.

Are you aware that -

Cotton Road runs through the site of a once famous city mansion house, Hillbank House, the residence of the Wyse family (now spelled Wise)? The mansion was built on the eminence to which Cotton Road now leads, and had a very artistic layout.

The estate has been in the hands of that family for nearly two centuries, Alexander Wyse having bought the estate of Lunan in 1734.

His eldest son, David Wyse, who was an able engineer, erected a cotton-spinning machine and installed it in his own factory.

In turn, his eldest son, Thomas Wyse, a physician, went to Jamaica in that capacity, and there he made a large fortune.

On his return he married the daughter of William Chalmers of Glenricht, who was Town Clerk of Dundee, and acquired the estate of Hillbank, which was near his father's mill.

The name Hillbank survives in the name of the upper portion of Cotton Road/Hillbank Road; while a memorial of the early life of Thomas Wyse remains in the name Jamaica Street.

Fancy Dress Dance

Seventy couples attended a fancy dress carnival dance held by the Pen and Pencil Club in the Old Palais, Seagate, Dundee.

The Lady Provost Miss Winifred High assisted by Mrs G.T. Watson and Mrs Henry R. Cook judged the costumes.

The prize winners were:-
Best Dressed Lady - Miss Rachel White
Most Original Dressed Lady - Miss Eileen Anderson
Best Dressed Gentleman - Mr J. Ballardi (Dracula)

Baptist Church, Hawkhill

11am, Rev J.S. Andrews
6.30 pm 'Plain Truths about Gambling'
Soloist - Mr David M'Lay
Limelight lecture on Thursday first 7.30 pm
By J.A.G. Thurston on "The Work of the Open-Air Mission".