December 1953

Night Raiders Steal 80 Christmas Trees

WestendChristmas tree raiders made a night swoop this week on a half-acre plantation of Norwegian spruce in the grounds of the Camperdown factory of the U.K. Time, Dundee.

Over 80 eight year old trees were torn oout by the roots and removed.

Dundee Parks Department are taking strong measures to protect their large plantations of Norwegian spruce on the Camperdown estate and St. Mary's Woods.

A round clock guard will be mounted from now until Christmas. A motor truck will assist.

Christmas Shopping in Lochee

You have only 11 days to decide - may we suggest
For the lady - dressing sets, earrings, pendants, brooches, watches etc
For the gent - cigarette cases, lighters, watches, cuff links etc

Ear piercing painlessly executed while you wait
Garlands, M.B.H.I., Watchmaker and Jeweller, Bank Street, Lochee

National Farmer's Union Meeting

Dundee branch of the National Farmer's Union meeting in the Burgh Courtroom this week, approved a resolution that the Government's White Paper on the decontrol of meal was unworkable and that the Scottish National Farmer's Union push on with their own scheme on a deadweight basis.

Dundee Education Committee

Dundee Education Committee rejected a proposal by Mrs Janet Brougham that immediate consideration should be given to the provision of another primary school at Mains of Fintry.

Bailie Paterson said the primary school now building at Linlathen was expected to be ready early 1955. It was designed to serve the Fintry area and if they built a new school there the Linlathen one would become a white elephant.

Ansering questions, the Director said the school had been planned long before it was known that Fintry was to attain its present dimensions.

A motion by Bailie Paterson to defer consideration was carried by 18 voters to 5.

Many Girls Want to be "Clippies"

Girls who want to become "Clippies" have sent letters galore and are phoning inquiries to Dundee Corporation Transport Department.

Mr Charles Broadley, traffic superintendent, told a reporter that since the Town Council's agreement on Thursday night to the employment of women on corporation trams and buses, the phone has been ringing steadily.

The Price of Eggs

Today you may buy eggs in Dundee for 5s 4d a dozen.

Two weeks ago they were 6s 6d. Next week they will probably be down to 5s.

One reason for the price drop - the weather. Normally hens go off laying at this time of the year. The mild weather has them kidded that the knocking off time hasn't yet arrived.

Reason No. 2 - consumer resistance to high prices.

Frosty's Fingers

These are delicious - Mrs M. Christi,e Tibbermore, Perth.

Grate 1oz chocolate and mix with 6oz castor sugar and 5oz ground almonds.

When well mixed, whip up the white of an egg and stir into mixture.

Turn out onto a baking board lightly dusted with icing sugar and roll out into a square about ½ inch thick.

Next spread with royal icing made with icing sugar and white of an egg. Cut into fingers, place on grease paper on baking tray and bake in a slow over for 45 mins.

More Trains

British Rail will run more than one hundred additional Express Trains between Scotland and England during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Additional throuhg services to England will also be put on from Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow (Queen Street) and Perth.

Many extra trains will be run in Scotland for Christmas and the New Year between Glasgow and Edinburgh; Glasgow, Perth and Aberdeen; Glasgow and Inverness; Edinburgh, Fife and Dundee.

A Reader Writes

Re your article "The Wickedness of Children", I think we parents are a lot to blame.

We don't seem to either have the time or patience to bring up a family - not like our mothers had anyway, and they had a bigger job than we.

If I had my way - fantastic though it may seem - I would have a curfew on all children under 14 to be indoors by 8 pm.

Failing that, I would give the "Bobby" on our beat a freer hand to administer a wallop where it hurts most.

I remember the "Bobby" on our beat. The very mention of his name was enough to send me into hiding.

For all that we had a quiet respect for him and were proud to be put in his "good books".

The children of today are by no means afraid of policement. In fact some modern "bobbies" believe "the bairns have to live!"

Lets have action now, before we really "get scared of them".

Regular Reader, Dundee (name and address supplied)

Dundee Ice Rink

Kingsway West, Tel 85222
Junior Ice Hockey Banner Trophy
Monday 7th December, 8 pm
Dundee Rockets v Glasgow Mohawks
Admission 2/-.