December 1903

Tramway Accident in Dundee

MurraygateA mishap occurred on the electric tramway system in Dundee yesterday shortly before eleven o'clock. On an electric car reaching the foot of Reform Street, the trolley suddenly sprang off its wire. In its ascent it struck the "live" wire, causing one of the supports to snap. A great flame burst from the wires and it looked as if the whole network was to come toppling down.Fortunately the span wire was strong enough to hold its burden. The head of trolley was disconnected through the accident. The workment of the electrical department were soon on the scene and the necessary repairs effected.


For a refreshing cup we strongly recommend our finest at 1s 10d per pound, being a blend of the finest selected beans. Fresh roasted and ground as ordered.

Also pure selected coffee at 1s 8d, 1s 6d and 1s 4d.

Finest chichory 6d per pound.

Wilson Brothers, Grocers and Wine Merchants, 63 Gray Street, Broughty Ferry.

Model Building Society

On Thursday a meeting of this Society was held in the office, 15 Castle Street, for the purpose of mailing an appropriation by ballot. Mr James C. Ellis occupied the chair and explained to members what was required to be done. Mr W. Roy and Mr J.H. Taylor acted as scrutineers and conducted the ballot, the number drawn was No 80 and held by Mr Alexander Tocher, clothier, 106 Commercial Street who was entitled to an advance of £400. Chairman closed the meeting.

Wallace's School of Music

Piano, singing and elocution. Pupils receive special tuition. Refined and correct speaking.
34 Albert Street, Dundee.

Dargie Dairyman and His Horses

In Dundee Sheriff Court yesterday - before Sheriff Campbell Smith - David Bell, contractor, Dargie and Charles Smith, carter, Kingoodie, were charged with ill-treating a horse by causing it to work while it was suffering from raw sores below the saddle and on its withers. Both pleaded guilty. Bell stating that the complaint exaggerated the thing very much, and Smith explaining that he was at starvation point when he got the job. The animal, it was stated was employed carting esparto grass from Liff Station to the papermill. In reply to his Lordship, Bell said he was also a dairyman, and the Sheriff said he hoped he confined his drinking to the produce of his dairy. Bell - yes and water together. The Sheriff - you look as if you qualified your water with something stronger.

Bell had been four times previously convicted, and was ordered to pay a fine of 20s or suffer 14 days' imprisonment, Smith was admonished.

Apprentice Millar

Stout lad (from the country) wanted. Apply John Grant and Sons, Craigmills, Dundee.

Treacle Ale

1lb Treacle
2 quarts of boiling water
6 or 8 quarts cold water
A teacupful of yeast (for the yeast a pint of brisk stout may be substituted).

Place the treacle into the boiling water and stir till they are well mixed, then add the cold water and the yeast or stout. Pour into a clean earthenware basin or jar and cover with a course cloth douched over two or three times. Bottle it next day.


These can be prevented by keeping the blood pure and the circulation active by taking sufficient out-door exercise and living hygienically.

When they do appear on the hands and feet, these members should be washed in hot, followed by cold water, and then well rubbed with lemon juice. It is a mistake for a person troubled to warm themselves at the fire.

A Royal Academy in Dundee

On Wednesday first and following days
within Malcolm's Rooms, 33 to 39 Commercial Street
a highly important exhibition of a
most beautiful and highly valued collection
of high-class oil paintings and watercolours
including such works as follows:-
"The Home Team" by Arthur J. Elsley R.B.A., "The Combat" by the late Charles Jones and "A Reign of Love" by William Strutt R.B.A.

Christmas Entertainment to the Poor

Lord Provost Barrie had kindly intimated his intention of again entertaining the poor of the city in the Kinnaird Hall on Saturday December 26th, and has asked the committee of the Adult Free Breakfast Mission to invite the guest and make the necessary arrangements.