August 1956

Men Grocers Wanted

West EndWm. Low and Co Ltd., have vacancies in a number of their branches for Men Grocers. Apply:- 24/34, Blackness Road, Dundee or to the Manager of the nearest branch for further particulars. Arrangements will be made to interview suitable candidates.

No Droopy Lupins

Having a large garden of lupins I like them as cut fresh flowers, but found they were no sooner in the vase than they started to droopy. Now I fill the vase with water and take it outside and put in the lupins. Now they stand straight till they wither - Miss Minnie Cutt, 22, St. Sunniva Street, Lerwick.

Don't Kid Yourself! - It's You Who Pay

This week we got our rates rocket - a 2s one. Its one of the biggest bangs in the financial history of the city. The new rates will be the highest ever - 22s 7d.

Two things made city Treasurer William O'Neill's announcement the most depressing civic talk of the year:-

(1) The staggering cost of education. This item alone represents a rate of 6s 10d in the £1. That’s pretty near what it cost to run the whole city twenty years ago.

(2) The latest municipal bill for housing - £387, 000.

Our town council can't do much about education, here the Governement calls the tune and is chiefly responsible for paying the piper, but the council can tackle the financial chaos in housing.

Bertram Mills Circus and Menagerie

Riverside Park, Dundee
August 6th - August 11th
Monday at 7.45pm only
Tuesday to Friday at 4.45pm and 7.45pm
Saturday at 1.45pm, 4.45pm and 7.45pm
Reserved seats bookable on circus ground on by telephone (Dundee 69057)
Box office open 10am - 8pm or from Methven Simpson Ltd, 22 Reform Street, Dundee.

Wrong Jockey - Right Horse

When Mr and Mrs Patterson, 9, Findcastle Place, Dundee visitied Brighton they went to the races.. The attraction was their son, Ronnie due to ride his second mount of the season. Its name was Grand Reject. They weren't the only Dundonians interested. Many punters in Lochee backed Grand Reject because of its Dundee jockey.

But the horse's name was significant. At the weigh-in Dundee's only jockey was rejected. He was four pounds over weight. The race was given to substitute jockey Paul Tulk. The two most disappointed people in Brighton were Mum and Dad Patterson, but not the Lochee punters, Paul the substitute, rode so well that Grande Reject was first past the post by four lengths. And the odds were 5-1.

Silk Screen Printing

Posters, showcards, displays for the Capitol Cinema by
Bruce and Copestick
The Dundee Ticket Writers Ltd.
68, Murraygate, Dundee
Telephone 3215
Specialist in silk screen printing.

American Girl Pipers

Grants promotions proudly presents the return to Dundee of the American Girl Pipers
(The Scottish Highlanders of the State University of Iowa).
A magnificent spectacle with over 70 young American college girls in full highland dress.
Dens Park
Thursday 23rd August at 7.15pm for one night only.
Prices of admission:-
Single Stands..3/6.
Centre Stands..5/.
Booking now at Grants Promotions, High Street, Dundee (Phone 6073).

Dundee School Of Ballet

Principal - Jean Bruce Pringle, A.R.A.D (adv)
Holder of 13 major teaching certificates)
Pupils' success last year in Ballet, Highland and Tap examinations were:-
57 honours, 100 commended, 9 highly commended, 4 pass-plus, 59 passes.)
These results speak for themselves!
Enrolling studio - 9, King Street, Dundee
Tuesday and Friday 6pm - 7pm
Inquiries - 79 King Street, Dundee, Telephone 2538.

U.S.S.R Children's Art Exhibition

Dundee Museums and Art Galleries
U.S.S.R Children's Art Exhibition
(Presented by the Sunday Pictorial")
August 4th until September 1st
11am to 7.30pm daily except Sundays.
11am to 1pm Thursdays.
Admission Free.

Win A Beautiful Necklace

Biscuit recipes are invited and the best one will win a lovely triple string of pearls. There will be consolation awards for other selected recipes.
Entries to:- Biscuit Recipes, C/o Aunt Kate,"People's Journal", 9, Bank Street, Dundee...Comp by August 14th.