September 1903

Railway Fatality at Dundee

NethergateA horrible fatality occurred in Dundee early on Wednesday morning. The scene of the affair was that part of the Caledonian Railway at the Magdalen Green which has recently gained so unenviable a notoriety for fatalities. As the driver of the goods train from Perth to Dundee West, was passing Binrock, on the west side of the Magdalen Green, he noticed what appeared to him to be the part of the body of a man lying on the line.On arrival at the engine sheds at the Esplanade he immediately notified the officials there of his suspicions, and they at once proceeded up the line, where a ghastly spectacle met their gaze. On the north side of the line was lying the upper part of a man's body, and on the footway was found the lower part. At some distance was also discovered a pair of boots, the unfortunate man having evidently taken them off before his death. The remains were at once taken to the mortuary, where the body was later in the day identified as that of a man named John Alexander, belonging to the district of Monikie. He was at one time a railway signalman, but up to within a few weeks ago he was engaged as a farm servant on a farm near Arbroath.

Sensational Case in Dundee - Child Abandoned in Howff

A case of child desertion of a heartless character has come under the cognisance of the Dundee police authorities. The other day the caretaker of the Howff Burying Ground was making his rounds when he observed a bundle lying behind one of the gravestones. The appearance of the package aroused his suspicions and on investigation a male child, about two years of age was discovered enveloped in a shawl, which served as the wrapper of the bundle. The police were communicated with, and the infant was taken to the Children's Shelter in Constitution Road, where its wants were attended to. The police promptly set about making investigations.

The child was taken to several of the lodging-houses in the city, and to the Poorhouse, and clues were found which on being followed up resulted in two young women being arrested on Thursday.

The young women in question belong to the mill worker class, and hail from Lochee.

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Swimming Gala

The Dundee Whitehall Amateurs are to be congratulated on the success of their swimming gala. To be able to draw such a large "house", especially on a night like that of Wednesday, says much for the energy and enterprise of the officials, and the very fact that such an important event as the 220 yards Scottish championship race figured on the programme was in itself worthy of the large audience which assembled. Pity it was, however, that the local star, Johnstone Edwards, was unable to be present. The other local representatives certainly gave a good account of themselves, but had Johnstone been present I question whether Edinburgh would have been able to retain the championship. Better luck next time!

Woman Wanted

End of September for Station Refreshment Rooms. Must be trustworthy, tidy and capable of taking charge.
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Harbour Items

There has been a slight falling off in traffic at the harbour during the past week. The foreign arrivals were the steamers Pallanza, from New York; Osborne, from Rotterdam; Sardinia, from Hamburg; Perth, from Delfzyl; Moidart, from Riga; and Glen Gelder, from Treport.

These vessels imported:-

75 tons flax, 150 tons linseed cake, 119 tons farina, 115 loads lathwood, 14 loads firs, and a large quantity of general goods.

The foreign departures were the steamers Osborne, for Rotterdam; Pallanza and Sardinia, both for Hamburg; and Glen Gelder, for Treport - all with general cargos.

The local trawler Tayside has completed repairs in the West Graving Dock, and both dry docks are at present unoccupied.

The Sheriff on the Shrewdness of the Devil

James Robertson (19) and William Annan (18), farm servants from the Monikie district, pleaded guilty yesterday in Dundee Sheriff Court to a charge of ill-treating a horse belonging to Mr W. Scott, Springfield, Monikie, by drawing a rope tight under its body, beating it with a stick, and pulling and knocking it to the ground. They denied that they had done any injury to the horse, but the Sheriff on reading the precognitions said the case was one of the worst that had come before him. It was a case so bad that it was difficult to believe that two rational young men could have had anything to do with it unless they were possessed with the spirit of madness or of the devil. It would not be the devil, for the devil would have had more sense. In view of the fact that Robertson had lost his situation over the matter the modified penalty of 20s of a fine, with the option of six days' imprisonment, would be imposed. Annan, who seemed to have had a secondary part in the affair, would have to pay 10s, or go to jail for 3 days.

Kinnaird Hall, Dundee

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