August 1953

Homeward Bound

Arbroath RoadOne of the first Black Watch prisoners released in Korea was Dundee man Private James Millar, whose home is at 16 Moncur Crescent with his uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs Harry Millar.Private Millar, who is 23, was reported missing in November of last year, and five months passed before his relatives heard that he was a prisoner.

Before enlisting on a five years' engagement in 1948, he was an apprentice baker, first working with Samuel M. Mann & Son, Hospital Street, then later in Edinburgh.

He was educated at St Martin's and Rockwell Schools.

W.T. Martins

Look what £5 will buy for your new home:-

Morphy Richards Iron  £2 5s
Ironing Table  £1 4s 6d
Sleeve Board  5s 11d
Wash Board  8s 6d
Unbreakable Basin  18s
Total  £5 1s 11d


24 piece canteen cutlery  £2 10s
18 piece teaset - China  £1 14s
Meat Plates  3s 10d
Soup Plates  8s 3d
Teapot  4s 11d
Total  £5 21s


Ewbank Carpet Sweeper  £3 5s 3d
Broom, complete with handle  8s 2d
Carpet bannister brush  2s 11d
Washing mop complete  3s 3d
Polishing mop  5s 6d
Shovel  2s 8d
Kettle  4s 11d
Frypan  6s 6d
Total  £4 19s 2d

Make your choice at
W.T. Martins, 68-70 Wellgate, Dundee.

French Hosts Become Guests

23 Dundee school children arrived home on Wednesday after three weeks in Orleans. They were accompanied by their French hosts 23 Orleans children, who have now become their guests.

The Dundee party was in the care of Mr J. Stevenson, Dundee High School.

The French boys and girls were welcomed to Dundee by Rev John MacLean, president of the Dundee-Orleans fellowship, and other members.

On Wednesday they will be taken by bus to Edinburgh.

Domestic Employment in Canada

Situations can be arranged for suitable applicants - cooks, tablemaids, housemaids also married couples, husband to act as chauffeur-handyman, wife as cook.

Apply to Mays (Shipping & Travel), 64 High Street, Kirkcaldy.

Dundee Tramcars

Between 1934 and 1953 the annual number of passengers using Dundee Tramcars rose from 21½ to 32½ million.

Between 1940 and 1953 bus passengers increased from 24½ to 50½ million.

Easy Ways for Tireless Standing

Don't carry the weight too far back on the heels.
Don't hold the shoulders back rigidly so that the muscles tighten. This causes backache.
Don't tuck the tail so far that the pelvis is thrown out of position. Girls with slim fitted skirts are tempted to do this.
Don't slouch with the head poked forward.
Don't stand on one foot, making one leg do all the work.
Don't wear very high heels or flat ones. Both are tiring.

A Stolen Rose Bush

A man was fined £1 at Dundee Police Court this week for stealing a rose bush from a border at the rear of Dundee Industrial Estate canteen. The burgh prosecutor said 60 bushes were planted there 18 months ago, and a large number had disappeared.

Commendable Idea

One sunny day at St Andrews last week I'm sure I saw a most sensible man. He was seated in his car at Greyfriars Street pasted on the back of the car was a hand printed sign "running in, hoot and pass".

I'm sure if every motorist running in a car engine copied this idea a lot of irritation, time and trouble on the roads could be saved.

Lunch Aboard

Passengers aboard the Tay Ferry Abercraig on Wednesday wondered if the Harbour Trust were serving lunches aboard as part of the Holiday Week attractions.

In a quiet corner a Newport business lady had an alfresco luncheon. Short of time she collected her meal in a series of paper bags and during the voyage tucked into steak and potatoes followed by rhubarb tart. Her only complaint? The fifteen minute crossing did not allow for enjoyment of both meal and scenery.

Meet the Royal Navy

You're invited to "Meet the Royal Navy" at Riverside Drive on August 14th and three succeeding days.

In the 80-foot marquee you'll be able to see exhibits illustrating every branch of the service.

Outside there'll be a fly-past by naval aircraft, a display by frogmen and judo experts. It's part of the navy's visit to 17 towns planned for Coronation Year. Dundee and Stirling are the only Scottish towns which will be visited.

Lord Provost Black will open the exhibition, and there will be a parade of Wrens and a guard from the Navy air station at Arbroath, band and all, to Riverside Drive by way of Whitehall Crescent, High Street, Commercial Street, Meadowside, Reform Street, City Square and Nethergate. Frogmen will give a genuine underwater display at the Central Baths.

Other things you'll see inside the marquee:- 10 ft models of the warships HMS Impacable and Vanguard, a submarine control tower which, when you look through the periscope, gives you an underwater feeling, a torpedo, and a continuous cinema programme.

What's On Tonight - Cinema

La Scala - Dead Reckoning - Humphrey Bogart
Gaumont - The Man Behind the Gun - Randolph Scott
Kinnaird - The Star - Bette Davis
Playhouse - Prince of Pirates - John Derek
Odeon - Turn the Key Softly - Yvonne Mitchell, Terence Morgan
Empire - Niagara - Marilyn Monroe
Regent - My Man and I - Shelley Winters
Royal - She's Working Her Way Through College - Virginia Mayo
Gray's - My Pal Gus - Richard Widmark
Rialto - The Brigand - Anthony Dexter
Astoria - Marching Along - Clifton Webb
Princess - Meet Danny Wilson - Frank Sinatra
Tivoli - The Narrow Margin - Charles McGraw