August 1928

City Water Main Bursts

Union StreetThe bursting of a water main at the top of Union Street, Dundee on Tuesday caused great excitement.

About 4 pm a rumbling nise was heard. Immediately a manhole was sent hurtling from the ground, with a shower of stones and a piece of heavy pipe, weighing up to half a cwt, been thrown up. Fortunately nobody was passing at the time but a taxicab driver at a stance in front of the Old Steeple had a narrow escape from the pipe.A large crowd was quickly attracted by the noise of escaping water and the sight of a high column of water and spray. The water quickly formed a sort of dam and children took advantage of the opportunity of a wade.

The traffic policeman donned his oilskin and continued to direct traffic as usual. Motor cars drove past continuously but failed to avoid getting wet.

The watersport continued for 15 minutes when men from the water department arrived and cut off the water from either side of the main burst. Later a squad engaged in repairing the burst.

House Furnishings

Campbells, 206 Hilltown, Dundee
Linoleum flooring cloth and bedding specialist; special display holiday cases; attache cases; excellent variety at the keenest prices.

Memorable Experience

City Boys Brigade and Girl Guide camps have been particularly favoured by the weather, and the young folks are returning home brown and with a store of happy memories to recall when the weather is not so bright and cheerful.

Piano Forte

Lady (experienced) resumes teaching; central; terms 12s 6d quarter.
Apply 520 Journal Office, Dundee

Infectious Diseases Decrease

Case of infectious diseases notified in the city during the past month numbered 203, compared with 488 in June and 489 during the corresponding month of last year. The reduction in the June total is mainly accounted for by the fact that whooping cough and chickenpox were responsible for only 33 and 53 cases respectively as against 121 and 160. In July last year 227 cases of measles were reported, this July the total was only 23, while in June there were 90 cases of measles.

Keeping Your Teeth Attractive

No woman who values her appearance can afford to have neglected-looking teeth. Of course, you know that it is not always possible to do this, at least try and rinse your mouth out after each meal. For the purpose of a mouth wash keep a bottle of peroxide of hydrogen on the bathroom shelf. A few drops of peroxide in a glass of hot water will act as an antiseptic, and will help to keep the teeth white.

If you have neglected your teeth and want to get them back to their best once more, try the effect of cleaning them once a week with kitchen salt, and rinse your mouth afterwards with cold water.

You will find that this restores all the gleam to your teeth, and is a very simple and inexpensive method.

Precautions Against Summer Pests

To prevent bites by midges and other insect pests it is well to rub a little oil of lavender or oil of citronelle into all parts of the skin which are not covered. This will keep the insects at a respectable distance as they dislike the strong smell.

Butcher Fined

William Ferrier, butcher and dealer Friockheim, who conducted his own defence was fined 10s or seven days imprisonment in Dundee Police Court on Tuesday for a contravention of the Transit of Animals Act 1927.

He was found guilty of having used a motor lorry for the conveyance of nine pigs to a Dundee Cattle Market on 3rd July and later the same day transported twelve sheep in the same lorry. Without having cleaned and disinfected it in the Cattle Market.

Bonnie Dundee

"I don't want to make Dundee mill girls conceited" writes a correspondent "but I must tell them this". A few weeks ago while on holiday on the west coast of Scotland, there came to the town a big excursion of girls from a well-known Scottish centre which is also engaged in the textile trade but I am willing to bet in the matter of looks and dress, the Dundee mill girls could muster a display which would put this one completely in the shade.

Olympic Swimmer

Miss Cissie Stewart, the noted young local swimmer, who is included in the Olympic swimming team has arrived in Amsterdam with the rest of the team. Cissie is the daughter of William Stewart, who was at one time a well-known footballer in the city. The events in which she will compete are the 100 metres and 400 metres (free-style, confined to women).


Adephia Mission, Market Street Hall, Overgate
Sunday at 6.30 pm
Address and clairvoyance, 8 to 9.30 pm.
Free literature. Questions invited. Silver collections.
Private circle forming.