August 1958

Off To Lourdes

Arbroath RoadA special train left Dundee on Monday night carrying 300 pilgrims on their way to a Lourdes. Eight stretcher cases travelled in a special ambulance carriage equipped with bunks.The party was under the Diocese of Dunkeld and under the leadership of Bishop Hart with Monsignor Foylan and Father Barron as his aides. They will be away for ten days and on the way home spend two days in Paris. The sick are in the charge of Sister Ann Scanlan, who is assistant Matron at Ashludie Chest Hospital. Sister Scanlan will be helped by two nursing nuns and a nurse from Perth and there are thirty six voluntary helpers with the party.

Not For The Dark Blues

Being the Bellman I was naturally surprised to hear pearls from St Paul's Cathedral on Thursday morning...
Someone suggested it was because Dundee scored 5 goals on Wednesday night!  Which was stupid for no Dundee supporter would have the strength to ring a bell. They are still suffering from shock!

But the explanation was that a party of bell-ringers,  most of them from St Paul's Cathedral in London were visiting the city as part of a busman's holiday. Touring Scotland and England they ring the changes in every town they visit.


Representing Dundee in an STV show in September, young accordionists Arthur Spink and JM Ballroom singer Jack Dillon. For both their first TV appearance. Arthur is a 15 year old pupil at Harris Academy and has been playing the accordion since he was 6. He made his first BBC broadcast in Children's hour when he was 13 and has won many prizes at the Perth accordion and music festival.

Jack who is 28, has been singing at the JM Ballroom for 2 years. Before that he was a foundry worker. The TV Show is to be called "Dundee Requests".

Fancy a Holiday in Burgaria?

British tourists can go there for the first time since the war. And this behind-the-iron-curtain country on the Black Sea is keen to attract British tourists.

Before 1939 Bulgaria was one of the European playgrounds of the rich. "Sofia was one of the gayest capitals in the world. "Bulgaria has a lot to offer holidaymakers not the least being the exchange rate" said Mrs J. Benyon, London Tourist Agency, which organises holidays to Bulgaria. "The hotel accommodation is excellent and costs £2 per day. By rail it costs about £30 from London to Sofia. It is also possible to fly direct.

Tommy Gallacher

Kicks off a week before the opening of the Scottish football season...
On Saturday the first of a weekly series by him begins in the "Courier".
It is the ideal appetiser for the football fan, written in a style for everyone to read.
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Scotland's Own Teenage Star...

Caird Hall
Sunday August 17
Jackie Dennis
Larry Grayson, Emerson and Jayne, The Liddell Triplets, Wally McKinlay, Hans, Bela and Mary, The John Barry Seven "from TV's Six Five Spec".
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