August 1908

Smart Apprehension at Dundee

City SquareA smart apprehension was effected in Dundee on Wednesday. By telephonic message the police were informed of a theft committed at Montrose, the goods consisting of cuts of worsted, socks and other articles of weaving apparel. Intelligence of the occurrence was received at 7.35pm, the hour when the East Coast train is due at Dundee and by which it was suspected the stolen goods had been conveyed. Detective Super Intendant Lakie proceeded to the spot and was fortunate enough to find the train somewhat late. From it was dislodged a large crowd, amongst which to search for the man wanted, with the somewhat meagre description available was like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.Detective Super Intendant Lakie hung about the train however and observing a package landed from the van for which at the moment there appeared to be no claimant he bided his time. In a few minutes a man answering the description of the suspect approached and took possession of the package. He was there upon arrested. Goods answering the description of those stolen have been recovered.

From the Bellman....

If leaders of the Women's Sufferage Movement had travelled about with Dundee holidaymakers during this week they would have discovered that the majority of work-a-day women dread political discussion. On the homeward bound journeys whenever the men began to talk about politics the women promptly gave the warning - "Noo them, na politics". Time and again I noticed that the women saved the situation by insisting that the men should "speak aboot anything bit politics".

Bargains Galore

At the White House Furniture bargains are always on show.
J. Robertson and Co, The Great Bargain Providers, 2 to 8 Tally Street, Dundee.

County Police

Wanted - Active, intelligent, well-educated, unmarried men, over 21 and under 25 years of age, 5 feet 11 inches in height. Pay 23s 11d to 29s 7d with quarters. Apply stating age, height, weight to No 206 Robertson and Scott, Edinburgh.

Scotia's Success

North Greenland fishing ground has proved very successful for Dundee whalers. The latest news stating that the Scotia under the command of Captain Robertson has captured four whales. This welcome news was received by Mr Robert Kinnes, Dundee from the Norwegian agents but unfortunately no mention is made as to the size of the fish, the weight of the bone of the quality of the oil obtained.

The Queen Passes North

Early on Wednesday morning the Royal train containing her Majesty Queen Alexandra steamed into Dundee Tay Bridge Station and after a stay of about five minutes, while a fresh supply of water was obtained for the boilers of the engine proceeded on its way north. For half an hour before the arrival of the Royal Train the station was closed to the public so there was no one save railway official on the platform at the time.

Carnoustie Circus

Sangster's Circus visit the burgh on Tuesday giving two performances, both of which were attended by enormous crowds.