August 1911

The Strike in Force - 200,000, Men Out

Though the men's leaders and the Labour MP's accepted the appointment of the Commission, as intimated by Mr Lloyd George, and acquiesced in delaying the strike, the orders that had gone forth on Thursday night were all over the country obeyed by the men, and on Friday morning it was estimated that some 200,000 railwaymen had struck work.Passenger traffic throughout the day on the English lines was almost at a standstill and goods traffic likewise suffered severely. The N.B. and the Caley in booking travellers for south of Carlisle are issuing a warning that at that town the danger zone is entered and no guarantee can be given for the further stages of their journey. At Carlisle on Thursday night the only railmen on duty was the Stationmaster. Other important stations in England are depleted to almost as great an extent.

The Government are taking energetic steps to effect a settlement and are making preparations for the running of sufficient trains to provide food and fuel for all beleaguered towns. That this extreme step will have to be taken by the Government seems certain. The men to all appearance have got out of hand. Even some of the leaders admit they are powerless.

Post Office Appointments For Girls

For youths and Girls (14-18)

By means of correspondence Courses of Training directed by a highly qualified Staff of Tutors at Skerry's College, Meadowside, Dundee. Youths and girls of (elementary education) in every county in the United Kingdom secure valuable Post Office Appointments.The New P.O. Appointments Prospectus will be forwarded to applicants free of charge.
Skerry College, Dundee.


Her Majesty's Theatre
Managing Director - Mr Robert Arthur
Re-opening for the season
Monday 9th August at 7.30 and during the week
Saturday 7.15
Messrs J Forbes Knowles and Harry
Masterman's Co in "Nick Carter" (detective).

Infectious Diseases in the City

The number of cases of infectious diseases reported to the Public Health department of the city during July was 104, compared with 122 for the previous month of last year. Details of the 104 cases are:- Smallpox 7; scarlet fever 55; typhoid fever 1; diphtheria 19, erysipelas 11; measles 1; whooping cough 8; and chickenpox 2. Forty-six patients were removed to the hospital during the month.

Dundee Musician Leaves

Not a few of Dundee's singers have left to make their way in the operatic world, and this week another was added to the number in the person of Mr A. Lyon Mackie, who has now joined the Moody-Manners Opera Company in London. Possessed of a strong tenor voice of good quality, Mr Mackie should do well in this new sphere, as he was an active member of the local Amateur Opera Company. He has occupied a prominent place in musical circles for some years, and at Christmas sang the solos in the performance of the "Messiah" by the Dundee Select Choir. The best wishes of his musical friends go with him for success in his new sphere.

New Players For Dundee Hibs

The Hibs have signed Robert Craig, the ex-Celtic and Brighton footballer. Craig is a strong, dashing player who can successfully fill any of the hack or half-back positions. He is 22 years of age, 5 feet, 8 inches in height and weighs 11 stone 6lbs. So far Hibs have signed Tullis, Ferrier, Sharp, Craig, Izatt, Taylor, Bryson, Boland, Govan, Mitchell, Low, Gibson, Dwyer and Evans.

Lochee Horticultural Society

Grand Floral Fete and Fancy Fair
Will be held in St Margaret's Park, Loons Road
On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 24th, 25th and 26th August 1911.
The opening ceremony will be performed by Sheriff Campbell Smith, LLD.,
On Thursday at 12 noon.
Dancing on the ground each evening.

Bananas on Toast

Peel six bananas (not too ripe), cut them in halves lenghways, sprinkle with a little salt and cayenne or paprika pepper and fry them in butter a pale brown colour. Turn the bananas frequently while frying. Prepare thin slices of toast, cut the shape of the bananas, dip the bread in milk before toasting as this will improve the flavour considerable. When toasted, spread each slice with a thick layer of whipped cream, sprinkle with a little nutmeg and pepper and place the fried bananas upon them. Dish up on a folded serviette or fancy paper dish and serve hot.

A Football Treat!

"Day Out"
at Den's Park.
Fun and frolic at the
Dundee v. Motherwell Match
Funniest Football Yarn Ever Written
See next week's
"People's Journal"
order your copy now.

Dundee's Food Supply

Dundee has not wholly escaped the effects of the industrial dislocation, which has been prevalent throughout England. The ordinary citizen has experienced nothing unusual. None of the commodities which constitute his breakfast table has been missing; neither has his tea, sugar, bread or any other article of his dietary cost him more. The effect therefore, has been slight, and has been entirely felt by the wholesale merchant. With railway traffic and land transport generally disorganised across the border it was hardly natural to expect that Dundee and other Scottish centres would get off scatheless, but it is pleasing to think that so far the supplies of the city have not been interfered with.

A large wholesale produce merchant stated to a "People's Journal" representative on Thursday that the effects of the strike in England had scarcely been felt by him "but" he added, "let them continue much longer and not only my firm, but the whole of Dundee, in common with many other parts of the country, will become painfully aware of the hardships which these industrial agitations and disputes cause.