August 1936

Dundee’s “Skyscraper” May Be Closed

Drill HallDundee’s “Skyscraper” is in danger. The city’s highest building – “The High Land” or “Robertson’s Land” situated at the junction of Larch Street and Urquhart Street – maybe closed.The Housing Committee of the Town Council have been paying a visit in that area, and instructions have been issued to the medical officer and sanitary inspector to apply closing orders on houses they consider unfit for human habitation.

The “High Land” is an old landmark in the city. It was erected in 1870 to house the workers in a jute mill in the vicinity. It is eight storey’s high in the frontage to Larch Street and nine at the back facing tenements in Walton Street. Th height to the top of the highest chimney is 102 feet.

The building contains approximately 155 houses and is inhabited by 500 people. The three top storey have not been occupied for 40 years. They were closed because they were beyond reach of the fire escapes of that day.

After visiting the area the housing committee discussed the position. Mr J.M. Fraser moved that a closing order be passed on 43 Larch Street, Cherryfield Lane and Edward Street district, he also moved that the medical officer and sanitary inspector be instructed to apply closing orders on all the houses which, in their opinion, were unfit for human habitation, and that, along with the city engineer, these officials draw up a redevelopment area scheme for presentation. This was unanimously agreed to.

Bellman’s Budget

Sacrilege - Quite a number of Dundee people went over to St Andrews on Monday to see the famous Bobby Jones playing and were treated to the spectacle of several thousands holidaymakers doing everything they shouldn’t do within the sacred precincts of the Old Course. Not used to “big golf”, many of the holiday makers who were dressed in beach attire, simply ploughed through the bunkers and tramped on the greens, besides elbowing the golfers and getting in the way of shots. The R and A members present looked as if the would explode.


Dundee Successes at Forres but Anderson Not Able to Compete

Edward Anderson, the Dundee policeman and former professional athlete, was unable to compete at Forres Amateur Athletic Association Sports.

Anderson arrived at the ground, but was unable to compete owing to a hitch in the completion of his papers authorising his transfer to amateur status.

Dundee Thistle Harriers’ team triumphed in the two-mile North Scotland championship and relay race, the champion being A. Hay (Holder), Dundee, whose time of 10 minutes 1 second constituted the record.

In the cycling events George Crichton, Dundee Thistle, was a conspicuous winner, and was the first home in the four mile North of Scotland amateur championship N.C.U. race.

John Roger & Son

New Season’s
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Tay Veteran’s Passing

Last of the “Bonnie Dundee”

Memories of a time when pleasure sailing on the Tay was very popular with all classes of citizens will be roused by the announcement that the Bonnie Dundee is in the hands of the ship breakers.

It is now many years since the Bonnie Dundee used to push off from the roundhead of the harbour with a full compliment of passengers and wend her way up the river. She was for some time the only vessel of the pleasure steamers which could make Balmerino – at one time a favourite haunt for picnic parties.

The Bonnie Dundee, which was a trim paddle steamer, was built at Montrose almost half a century ago. After her cruising days were done she was utilised for towing purposes and afterwards as a store ship in the portion of King William Dock at present being filled in.

Latterly she has been lying derelict in the eastern part of the dock. The veteran passed out of the dock on Tuesday night for the “beach” at the east side of the tidal basin, where the breakers will soon demolish her.

The Bonnie Dundee is the fourth of the oldest craft of the port to be broken up within recent months.

City Student’s Success

Mr Robert Dow, 83, Byron Street, Dundee, is the first student of the School of Economics to complete the three year Degree Course and pass the final examinations of London University for the Bachelor of Commerce Degree.

All the tuition for this degree is provided in the School of Economics, and Mr Dow completed the course before his twentieth birthday. Mr Dow is a former pupil of Morgan Academy, and during his last year at the School of Economics was president of the Students’ Union.

Bread to be Dearer

On and after Monday the Scottish housewife will have to pay ½d more for the 4 lb loaf. The price of flour was on Wednesday officially declared 34s per sack. A Dundee baking trade authority stated that the price of bread is fixed throughout the country in relationship with the price of flour. According to the sliding scale, when the price of flour rises 4s a sack and stays at that level for a reasonable length of time the loaf automatically rises by ½d. This scale is based on the fact that an average of 96 loaves can be made from one sack of flour.

Negotiations at Dundee

Dundee are after a half-back – a right back, to be precise. It is realised that the mid-line must be toned up a bit. Negotiations have opened and Managed McCandless hope to complete the deal this week-end. The player involved has not re-signed from his club this season. Manager McCandless is keeping the player’s name a close secret. He does not want other clubs chipping in.