April 1980

More Closures

Murraygate46 jobs will be lost when Yarrow Engineers (Glasgow) Ltd close their branch at Dundee Harbour on May 9th. The firm blames substantial trading losses and discouraging prospects for ship-repair work in Dundee. Yarrow came to the city just over a year ago.

The Women Boozers of Tayside

10 years ago, statistics showed that there were 10 male alcoholics for every female one. The latest Tayside figures show that the ratio has been narrowed down to 4 to 1.

"In our Scottish society a drunk man is regarded as humorous, whereas a drunk woman is abhorred, especially by members of her own sex", Mr J. McOwan, Director of the Tayside Area Council on Alcoholism, told our reporter.

Meagre Portions

After many parents in Dundee and district protested about "meagre portions" in school meals offered to children after the Easter break, Tayside Regional Council admitted it had acted outwith its powers in introducing a new system. This system provides a main dish at 40 pence (up 5 pence from before Easter) and snacks and beverages at economic charges. In addition, over 4,000 children previously entitled to free meals now have to pay for them. The new system was introduced before it had the approval of the full council.

Of the 40 pence charge, the region said 12 pence was spent on food. The remainder went on administration & c.

National Business Game

Six pupils of Linlathen High School, Elaine Urquhart, Norma Ross, Vivian Reilly, Rhona Archibald, Stephen McGivney and Jim Auchterlonie, won a week's holiday in Benidorm by taking first place in a national business game sponsored by Thomson Holidays. The game involved using a computer to solve problems in the travel trade.

Proposed Increases

The Dundee and District Association of Funeral Directors spoke out yesterday (Thursday) against proposed increased charges imposed by Dundonian Limited, who own the crematorium. According to the association, the new charge (including organisation) is £79.50, a 27 per cent increase, while on Saturday it will be £109.50, up to 37 per cent.

Best Prices for Scrap Metal

Ferrous and non-ferrous container service - local or distance. We also buy rags, wool, bagging & c. We specialise in treatment of cable, batteries and aluminium.
Frank Kelbie Ltd., 18 Milnbank Road, Dundee
Associated Company - Kelbies Liff Road Stores

Strange Bird

Dundee High School had an unusual, if brief, visitor on Wednesday. A kestrel hawk was seen perched on a tree in the school grounds, not a normal haunt for a bird of prey.

Extra Cheese?

The best way to store cheese is to wrap it in greaseproof paper then in foil and keep in the refrigerator. The cheese stays moist and its strong flavour doesn't penetrate to other foods.

Spring Fast Holiday

Monday is the Spring fast holiday in Dundee and many will be venturing away from the city for the first time this year.

Here is a selection of places to visit if this is how you plan to spend your break from work:-
Dunkeld, Perth, Aberdeen, Crieff, Blair Atholl, St Andrews, Arbroath, Stirling, Glen Clova, Glen Doll, Forfar and Oban.

What's On - Cinema

ABC - The Amityville Horror / Last Feelings
Odeon - The Black Hole
Regal - Superman - The Movie
Victoria - Bedknobs and Broomstricks / Winnie the Pooh