April 1955

Busy Night for Dundee Firemen

Arbroath RoadDundee firemen answered 17 calls on Wednesday. They included chimney fires, a small outbreak in Larchfield Works, Walton Street (James Prain & Sons Ltd.), an investigation in a house at 55 Victoria Road and a railway embankment fire in Balgay Place, Dundee.

The End of an Era

In the fading evening sunshine of a warm spring day Sir Winston Churchill on Tuesday drove to Buckingham Palace for the last time as Prime Minister to tender to the Queen, his resignation from his high office.

After 35 minutes he left to return to Number 10, Downing Street and the following was issued from the Palace:-
"The Right Honourable Sir Winston Churchill had an audience with the Queen this evening and tendered his resignation as Prime Minister and first Lord of the Treasury, which her Majesty was graciously pleased to accept."

In his two spells Sir Winston Churchill has been Prime Minister for 8 years, 7 months and 25 days.

Invest Your Savings Safely

Assetts £10,000,000 - founded in 1869
For Safety for your Savings - DUNFERMLINE
East Port, Dunfermline.
With income tax on interest paid by the society.

Carn Dearg Climbling Club Ski-ing Trip

Six members of the Carn Dearg Climbling Club have just returned home after a fortnight's holiday in Norway. The sum of £35 each covered all expenses and left some pocket money over. They stayed in Mjlfjell Youth Hostel which specialises in ski-ing instruction.

New Rector For Dundee High School

Mr D.W Erskine, a house-master at Malvern College, Malvern, Worcestor, has been appointed successor to Mr Ian M. Banks, Rector of Dundee High School. He took degree's at Edinburgh University first class honours in classics, and at Oxford. He is 49. Mr Bain who retires at the end of this term, has been Rector of the High School since 1932.

Domestic Superior

Experienced housework, resident situation in Broughty Ferry. Please apply:- Box P1011, People's Journal Office, Dundee.

Jimmy Shand at the Palace

Jimmy Shand is appearing at the Palace Theatre next week - his first time on the stage of a variety theatre. "It is a new venture for me" said Jimmy " I'm just not quite sure how it is going to go. It's not so hard work, of course, as playing at a dance but the atmosphere is quite different." Judging from the number of tickets booked already this week, the show is most certainly not going to be a flop.

Caravan in Nairn

NAIRN - excellent caravan, 2 double berths availabe May, June and August onwards. Apply:- Box P778, People's Journal Office, Dundee.

Rugby Rhyme

Local rugby fixture proved to be particularly dull, disgusted supporters improvised on Burns as he trudged away from the touch line.
"Oh had some pow'r the gift but gien them,
Tae raise a puckle thrills atween them!"

Winger Goes AWOL!!

Jimmy Murphy didn't report at Tannadice on Saturday. Later the news arrived that the wee winger from Motherwell had missed his train from Glasgow.