April 1930

Baths Suggestion

River TayBathers at Dundee Central Baths have made a request to the baths superintendant that some facilities should be provided so that they might obtain a cup of tea and refreshments.  The request was greeted with some display of hilarity when it came before the Baths Committee on Tuesday.  One or two Councillors were not quite sure what was the idea.  Were bathers to have their cup of tea in the bath or out of it?  The upshot was that the committee are to advertise for tenders for the privilege of the catering at the baths.

Maid's Narrow Escape

Dundee Fire Brigade were summoned to an outbreak of fire at 33 Lawton Road, occupied by James Kerr, yesterday.

A maid had been melting some polishing wax on a gas cooker when the wax suddenly burst into flames.  She carried the tin downstairs to the door, but the heat compelled her to drop it.

The fire brigade, found on arrival that their services were not required.  Damage was confined to a door which was scorched by the flames.

A Cement for Broken China

You will find ordinary white lead mixed with oil an excellent cement for mending broken china.  This can be bought at any paint shop.  The broken edges must be clean and dry.  Coat both generously with the white lead and fit together carefully.

When thoroughly dry, use a small file for the removal of any white lead that may have been squeezed out of the break.


Headache, influenza, neuralgia and all nerve pains.  Get Fenco, safe and certain cure powders, 1½d, boxes 1s 3d, tablets 1s 3d.
Fenco, 150 Ann Street, Dundee.

Bus Service

The Tramway Sub-Committee of the Town Council on Tuesday agreed to defer consideration of the question of the bus services to Caird Avenue and also the erection of a shelter at the foot of Caird Avenue until the bus shelter had been erected at Johnston Avenue.  The question of the Downfield cars going via Moncur Crescent was also deferred until the new high-speed cars were available.

Passenger Mishap

Margaret McNicoll (26), domestic servant, 299 Strathmore Avenue, a passenger on the Tay Ferry boat "Newport", was descending the steps from the upper deck on Saturday, when she slipped and fell, injuring her left ankle.  The accident happened when the vessel was berthed at Newport Pier, and on arrival at Dundee the woman was removed to the infirmary, where she was detained for examination.

Commendable Feature

Dundee Dramatic Society have given local lovers of the stage quite a treat this week with their productions of well-tried favourites by Barrie and Shaw at the Victoria Theatre.  The performances have been with a view to assisting the funds of the Dundee Dental Hospital, a most excellent objective.  The casts have been remarkable for the all-round excellence of their work.  A commendable feature was the good enunciation of all the players - a point which is not always paid sufficient attention to among amateur bodies.

Tenement Sold

The tenement property at 26 North Wellington Street, 93-103½ Alexander Street, and 13-15 Jamaica Street was disposed of in the offices of Messrs D.J. & A. Tweedie, solicitors, on Tuesday for £5115, which was £115 above the upset price.  The purchasers were Messrs James Miller & Sons, property agents, acting for a client.  The property contains 49 dwelling-houses of two, three and four rooms and three shops.  The assessed rental is £825 7s, and the feu duty £18 12s 9d.

Measles Epidemic

Dundee is in the throes of a measles epidemic.  The total number of infectious cases notified during the past month was 1399, and of these no fewer than 1124 were cases of measles.  During the previous month there were 431 cases of measles, and it is remarkable to find that in March 1929 there was not a single notification of measles.


Respectable, seeks employment; would give services for food and lodging. 4834 Courier.