April 1959

Dundee Players Are Out For That Extra £110

City SquareDoug Cowie celebrated his re-signing for Dundee by a flashing display against Hibs at Easter Road. "He gave an immaculate display and was at his brilliant best" said manager Willie Thornton. But Doug certainly was a delight to watch. His work had the polish of a master, and the scoring Joe Baker never got a look in. Doug may prefer left-half but on this showing must be retained in the middle - and I'm sure he can hold it for a very long time. Doug was the mastermind in the victory of Hibs.

His exhibition, and that of many of the boys, was amazing in the circumstances. The ground was very bumpy and a strong, swirling wind made ball control extremely difficult. Dundee mastered the conditions much better than Hibs and thoroughly deserved their win. Poor Jimmy Gabriel, also outstanding, is put down for "an own goal". The ball touched Jimmy's hair when Bill Brown, Baker and Jimmy all rose to it, but it did not alter the direction of the ball, which went straight into the net. The Dundee defence was outstanding with Alec Hamilton the bright star.

The half-back line was on top throughout while up forward the Robertson's, Tom and Hugh were the stars. Tom Robertson's goal was worth the admission money. He beat four opponents before hitting home the winner. Alan Cousin failed to get on the score sheet, but he had a good game and broke even against the outstanding Plenderleith.

The two points carry Dundee into the third top place in the league and the boys are going all out to stay there. And that will mean more money for them all from the Scottish League awards are:-
1ST -£550; 2nd £440; 3rd £330; 4th £220. It means the difference of £110 if they can keep Motherwell in fourth spot.


Bonnybank Road, Dundee
3 Days only.
Special request programme
Jaques Tati in
"Monsieur Hulot's Holiday"
plus Fernandel in
"The Virtuous Bigamist"
Make the Tivoli your rendezvous!

Dawson Sport Facility

Dawson Park sports facilities will be complete today, with the opening of an 18 hole putting green. The green is near the bowling green and tennis courts. Meantime it is to be open at weekends only but during the summer the hours will be from 10am until dusk.

They Want To Make Dundee Bigger!

In 1887 Dundee bought 140 acres of the foreshore of the river, from the bridge to Ninewells. The result - Riverside Park - has proved a great asset to the city. It has been used for the Highland Show and  tattoos and for football pitches. In recent years about 50 thousand tomes of refuse and rubble from demolition work has been dumped there annually. The whole stretch will probably be filled in within the next two years.

Now the Town Council has applied for consent, under the Coast Protection Act, to extend the sea wall across Invergowrie Bay to Kingoodie pier. The corporation ain to acquire the foreshore there.

There will be an extension of 363 acres, of which 239 are within the city boundary. The remainder is in the counties of Pethshire and Angus.

"Hope consent will be given" said Dundee Cleansing Department superintendent, Mr J.D. Henry. "Our present refuse disposal plant can only cope with about 40 per cent of the city's refuge. We would certainly need to build another destructor plant otherwise, which would cost about a quarter of a million. Even then, we would still need a certain amount of tipping space elsewhere. The new area should last Dundee between 60 or 70 years, at the present dumping rate. And it is always handy to have another piece of ground we could use it for sports facilities, car parking or simply as a park beside the river. We might even get a good airport terminal there one day. We have already had aeroplanes use Riverside Park, so we know the ground would be suitable for it."

Police Boxes Flitting

Dundee Police Committee agreed this week to re-site police boxes to keep abreast of need in the Camperdown and Charleston housing schemes.

The boxes at the Howff and at the junction of South Road and Gray Street, Lochee, will be moved to Buttar's Loan-South Road junction and the Kingsway West-Myrekirk Road junction.

Bankmill Road Will Soon Be Ready

Another small central redevelopment housing scheme is nearly complete. Tenants should start moving into corporation flats in Bankmill Road within the next week or two.

The old Bank Mill used to be on the site, which lies between Milnbank Road and Blackness Road, and between Forest Park Road and Rosefield Street. The mill was demolished about 20 years ago, and the Education Department planned to use the site. But they decided it wasn't necessary and handed it over to the city architects.

It'll Be a Great Day on Ice

Monday April 27, will be a big day for Scottish ice skaters - especially Dundee enthusiasts. For the amateur ice skating championships of Scotland are to be decided in the Kingsway Ice Rink. They will include figure skating championships for men, ladies and pairs; the amateur junior figure skating championships of Scotland for men and ladies; and the Scottish amateur ice-dance competition.

It will be an all-day show, with skaters for all over the country competing, and the trophies will be presented by Lady Lyell of Kinnordy House, Kirriemuir.

In the morning and afternoon skating will be mainly of a sort possibly not over-interesting to the general public. "We're expecting most folk to come after 7.30 p.m.," said ice rink manager Mr Sneddon. "It's then that the free skating and dancing will be done. You don't have to be a skater to appreciate them. And I am sure we'll get plenty of support from local folk. Dundee has always been very interested in ice skating as a city, and the last time the championships were held here, in 1956, they were a great success".

United Sign Seven

Manager Andy McCall made a start with United signings on Wednesday night. The seven players fixed so far are Andy Young, Charlie Robertson, Ian Douglas, Bobby Norris, Jimmy Stalker, Davie Sturrock and Willie McDonald. More players will be approached today when they arrive at the Brechin game, amongst them new signings Willie Dickie and Bobby Craig.

United will issue their complete signed, free, and transferred listed players on April 30.